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App description: Mutton for Punishment - Endurance gaming just got tasty!

The survival of your flock is at stake. In Mutton for Punishments rapid-fire game, you must use your sling shot to protect your flock and destroy the pesky wolfs flaming arrows before they flambé them! Launch the stones from your slingshot at the correct time to destroy the arrows and collect baawsome power-ups.


What the flock?!

-- Fresh, instant fun!
-- Simple, highly addictive gameplay
-- Mouth watering graphics that will leave you craving more
-- Touch the screen to launch your attack on the arrows
-- Watch out for bonuss to help you along the way
-- Highly polished


Mutton for Punishment Features and Power-ups:

-- Sheep Shield Hit this to protect a sheep from an arrow
-- Wipe Out Hit this to clear the screen of all arrows
-- Extra Life Hit this to gain another sheep
-- Rapid fire Spray and pray!


#1 IPHONE AND IPAD PAID APP in no countries yet

Watch the YouTube video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Fj76Ir3qh90


As the shepherd looked after his flock at night, there was a pesky wolf that not only had the sharpest teeth but was well known to have the straightest bow and arrow and he is craving BBQ lamb-chop!

Little did he know that the shepherd was the best in the county with his slingshot!

Every night the shepherd would stand on guard and do everything he could to protect his flock.


Last, but very much not least, a massive THANK YOU to everyone who has played Mutton for Punishment.

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