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App description: Be a sculptor! Test yourself and see if you have the incredible patience that creating true art requires! Tap the screen several thousand times to reveal the art underneath the marble slabs! Are you patient enough to master this task?

- Work towards the top of the high score list and become the World's Greatest Sculptor!
- Original recordings with music from Edith Piaf, Billie Holiday and Enrico Caruso!
- Over 600.000 sculptors around the world are testing their patience already! Will you join them and prove yourself better than them all?
- No creative input required! At all!
- Game Center Achievements!
- History's greatest sculptors all had assistants to help them, now you can have one too with the new Extra Sculptor feature!

hellobard's comments:

Note from Bard:

Hi everyone, just wanted to drop some info about my first game. A game based on the gameplay of "Tamago" where you simply tap a certain amount to reach the level goal. I made it with fancy 3D graphics, Game Center scoreboards/achievements and three sculptures to reveal.

So far I have had 13.000 users and reviews going from 5 stars to 1 stars as people seem to either absolutely loathe it or quite like it. My basis was to make something in the vein of "Tamago" that was graphically appealing and with a good concept. For myself, this was a great achievement to finish my first game and I learned a great deal that I will be putting into my next game which is a stunt car game with a unique style.