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What Kind of Gamer are You?

07-14-2013, 03:41 PM
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What Kind of Gamer are You?

There are a few types of gamers I have noticed, I am sure there are more but if you think of one add it to the list. What Kind of Gamer are You?
  • Replay Gamer - These Gamers like to replay old/new games till they are mastered with the platinum trophies or every achievement. What ever masters the game most, they will continue to replay special older games they love. No matter how many times they run through it.
  • Run-Through Gamer - These Gamers like to get a game, and run through it with a speedy precision. Completing the game is the goal, mastering is only sometimes a case. Not very often do they find a game for the real replay value, and so their are usually available for the trade, or rent of most games. GameFly works well for them.
  • Mobile Gamer - Often too busy to play on a platform system, they grab the mobile games, and are seen mastering high-scores while in the third business meeting of the month. They will likely maintain the mobile game even at home, and no one is the wiser on if they are texting or playing.
  • Active Gamer - Gamer that likes to use Wii, XBOX Kinect, PS One, or some other active roll to gaming. They like to dance, or move, or swing their way through the game world feeling active and alive, many not fully realizing the remote doesn't need to be as active as you think it might be.
  • Sports Gamer - Never playing a video game if it doesn't have Madden, or some other sports affiliation to it. They would play more physical if they could for whatever the reason, but they are content to run the plays and make the moves via their favorite sports stars.
  • All of the Above - Most devoted Gamer of gamers, they will play anything and everything, get any electronic device near em, and they will be on it. They will play anything as long as it means playing.

    So which are you? Keep in mind the term "Gamer" being loosely defined. I really didn't want to type out "Someone who plays video games" over and over.

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