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How many hours of gameplay do you like for console games?

07-14-2013, 03:53 PM
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How many hours of gameplay do you like for console games?

I just read a 100% non official post that said console games are about 8 hours of gameplay on average, and cost $60.

Well, I have no idea about 8 hours of gameplay in new games since the newest console game I have is Skyrim, and I hear that has 100+ hours of play..... And I probably stopped playing after 15 - 18 hours as I got bored with it. In fact, most console games get boring to me before 20 hours of play.

Conversely, on a PC, I have easily 3000 hours logged on WoW. I probably had 1000+ hours on Civ2.... And I bet I put in hundreds of hours on the older Sim City games ( I just can't get into the new one ). And ther are many other PC games that I bet I put 100+ hours into therm.

Heck, I even have a couple iOs games that I have played at least 75 hours. So why can't I get the same pleasure from console games?

And, how much gameplay do you like on a console game?
07-15-2013, 02:03 PM
Truthfully, I gravitate mostly to collect-a-thon games that have tons of unlockables and a lot of surface gameplay time... but I usually stop around 10 hours. If I pass the 10 hour mark and I'm still playing, generally that means I'll play it for quite a bit longer. There is a very strange connection between the games I stop playing before 10 hours and the ones I stop playing after 10 hours haha.

It's bizarre.

So I want games with tons of replay value, but usually I don't see them through to completion.

07-15-2013, 03:50 PM
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10 hours is good for me unless it's a RPG. Haven't really ever played one that short on consoles before though. However, the only games on the 360 that I've spent more than 25 hours on are Skyrim and Borderlands 2. I play StarCraft II daily and have easily clocked in over 1000 hours. That may or may not be an exaggeration.

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