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iPad: Lich Tower of Doom (rougelike board game - rpg)

07-16-2013, 08:07 AM
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Lich Tower of Doom (rougelike board game - rpg)

name is still tbd, but should be something involving a lich and a tower. You, the player, will be a young mage apprentice trying to clense the once great tower of the magicas, now inhabitated by the evil lich and the shadowrest realms monsters he lets live there.

To survive there is a basic spellbook set of four spells, and a basic combat spell.
other skills and spells must be found and equipped.

combat is simple in apearance, yet a bit more complex under the hood. for each round in combat, player can attempt a staff swing, cast a combat spell or use item from inventory (potions,scrolls,wands). also, if player has any equipped passive spells. he gets a shot at casting these at first round. (spels like mirror image, haste, mage armour).

so player do not get the option to have a standard set of spells to cast (buf self, attack spell, attack spell, heal self etc), but must try set up a decent "character card" by equipping items, skills and artifacts that either spread out to lots of options with small chance to proc, or specialize. A lot of gameplay is resource management and risk vs reward.

there is no standard level up, instead. when player moves to next floor, he can purchasebard inspiration songs (boosting stats) and buying stuff from merchant- more mana, pouch to carry more items etc.

All enemies are animated pixel sprites, in "large" size., and most heronactions are also animated. Player moves on a random map "board", and the action is played out in a seperate view.

still lots of work to do, so not out for yet a while, but I figured it could be nice starting a dev "blog". and who knows, perhaps some players out there comes up with some super ideas

for now a screenshot of game in progress: mage has killed a spider warrior (half spider, half woman), and are using some precious mana to meditate and cast healing spell.

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07-16-2013, 10:27 AM
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Sounds interesting. Looking forward to more information in the near future!

07-16-2013, 01:30 PM
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The fun thing ..

the fun thing about game creation is setting up a world and filling it with creatures and items.

One day I asked Lorena if she could come up with a demi-god thing that the ancient death-cult would worship deep below where the sun didnt shine. It should (my words) "have some tentacles or stuff, and it is called... Balghaar"

Now this is where it is essential to have good people around you. Some days later, Balghaar was born:

I figured Miguel would get the honor of bringing the creature to life. He was a bit puzzled about the anatomy, but again, having good people around brings rersults. A week later balghaar was a 12 framed monster who could double slap, take a hit and die

Of course, before the player can actualy come to Balghaar, he/she must pass some of the death cultists. Some of them are priests, others are 'templar' types.

Cherrys crew would get the assignment for the cult, and with just a brief explenation the first frames of the priest and warrior was created:

So there we go. An entire floor in the lich tower populated by an ancient demi-god and its death-cult followers.

Pretty far from cheap, but the process is quite fun.
07-16-2013, 03:02 PM
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Wow... this looks very promising. Will it be iPad only or can there be iPhone/iPod/Universal application? More devices = more sales.
07-16-2013, 04:17 PM
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Hi, universal, probably not. the game is set up (button size, teleport to area by touch) that would need a bit redesign (game is not coded in any auto scaling engine). idas and tests of moving by tilting is one option, same is showing only the tiles next around the player (like most rougelikes) is another. another issue is size of game, as the smaller devices must have art for the larger (and lots of art).

that said, we have a lot of assets and would be a waste to limit to ipad. so a couple of variants is on the drawing table to fit better the iphone. the most promising is a sideway-scrolling rougelike where player does not controll the actual path to walk, and instead of mana/energy, skills and spells are on timer.

so in one way or another, the games "setting" and assets will probably be for both smaller and larger devices, but if that will be same game or different (gameplay will at least need to be different) is yet to be decided. Lots of time to test such things though, event when outsorcing pixel animation to multiple parties. it is probably 7-8 weeks before enemies and all hero animations are done.
07-16-2013, 04:51 PM
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Looks very interesting, I look forward to seeing more.
07-29-2013, 04:31 AM
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And as the summer nears end, it is time to pick up some pace

Just got in the initial Bard song-selector screen from Lorena:

(this image is just flatened and published, as we can see on the comment burned into the image is about 'this is tricky to do' -- this is where the current selected bard song will blend into the background.)

But, here is where the 'more is more' philosophy comes in. Why not place an animated Kareena the Bard playing the tunes the players are spending their hard earned gold on ?

(one frame)
07-29-2013, 10:50 PM
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you had me at roguelike...
07-31-2013, 05:09 AM
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This does look solid. Will follow.

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08-02-2013, 01:50 PM
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To celebrate

that the Version 1 of the soundtrack is Complete (and the first Battle track), here is a small compilation of the Young mages struggle in the imperial Dungeons in search of the seal to unlock yet anoter part of the Lich entrace.

In this :30 montage the mage is pretty solid With the staff fighting, With items and skills boosting staff damage, staff hits, Block and life leech, but also have a regeneration item going as well as a passive buff of Mirror image.

Music by Lawrence Steele

Youtube link | Pop Up

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