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Kickstarter: !BatZ! Old-School Arcade Game for Smartphones

07-17-2013, 10:34 AM
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Kickstarter: !BatZ! Old-School Arcade Game for Smartphones

I'm Rui Moura and I've been developing BatZ for two month already with the fantastic help from my wife and kids, yes they are 5 and 7 year olds and they have been contributing the most amazing things, anything from bat mummies and gameplay ideas, up to bat eating plants.

We would not be able to do this alone, though, we have onboard this project one of the greatest game artists in the world, Mario Alvariño (maralvar), who puts on a tremendous effort, just look at this early sketches for episode 1 of BatZ

We are making BatZ to be an old-school arcade game.

All of us, in the team, love arcade, because "some of us" have spent too many hours playing Galaxian and Galaga, Duck Hunt (I, for one, liked it!), Missile Command and Defender.

Also, we want to make something for our kids that never experienced true arcade games. They are very tired of angry stuff like games. We are doing something very different here.

Publisher's wont do a old-school arcade game, they are simply not into it, games are overly complex these days, publishers seem to be somehow afraid to return to basics!

But this got us here thinking:

"What if there are a lot of fans out there who want arcade games? Is there some way that we could just talk to those fans directly and skip publishers all together?"

And that’s when it occurred to us... We could use Kickstarter to make a fan-funded, old-school arcade game! We have the perfect team here!

We want to do a game for arcade fans, funded by arcade fans, so we want to make it with arcade fans!

You will be able to talk back to us on the exclusive on-line community of people funding the game.

You’ll give us feedback on everything game related, argument, gameplay, music, art and send us into directions we would probably never though about.

We will use pledges to pay for:
1. Tools and development enroll fees
2. Extensive testing
3. Marketing
4. Reward Production and Shipping

And the greatest reward will be for each and every of you fans to have the game you helped to make freely delivered to you and one of your loved ones. In the end you will have, truly, your game!

This is the greatest thing about making a game, we get to incorporate some of the most flabbergasting ideas from our kids.

If you have creative children this is a great opportunity to have their ideas make their way into a game as well.

Yes, you get to share it with one of your friends. Or Loved One.
With Anyone.

BatZ, we already love this game!

So that’s BatZ.

We’ve finished the design, and we’re just about to start production. But we need help to get BatZ on your mobile.

We hope you’ll join us.
07-17-2013, 10:50 AM
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I'm calling out for all the help I can get from you guys for this project. Thanks! Tag
07-19-2013, 01:29 AM
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Comments would also be great. Thanks.
07-19-2013, 03:47 AM
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Well it would actually help if you bothered to but a link to what your even talking about


I don't know why your thinking this game incapsulates the old school glory days. It just looks like a 10 a penny (dime a dozen) duck hunt clone that's been done a million times before on the App Store. Are there any new and interesting game mechanics not seen before?
07-19-2013, 03:59 AM
^^i second that, even zombirds from idreams was already on the appstore months ago(or perhaps a year).

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07-19-2013, 04:17 AM

Hey! its not finished yet, lets be a bit more constructive. Don't bash the indies! Ok so you've seen this before, lets throw a few ideas in the mix that will help make this stand out from the rest, the graphics are great, the intro was cool. What features do you want to see that will make you want to play? For me its identifying with characters, so a story to follow a reason for being, visual and aural rewards... challenges... variety... Its tricky coming up with these fresh ideas but sometimes you need to follow well trodden paths to find gold just hidden off the beaten path..