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App description: The Phantom of the Opera and the vampire lord Nasferatu,known to some as Count Dracula, are chasing you through a nightmare! Run as fast as you can to escape their terror!

Nightmare Run is a fully animated game of horror survival that automatically saves your high score progress.

***Hints For Survival!!!***

-You can safely roll under flying skulls
-Nasferatu's shadow can only harm you if you are rolling
-You can only shoot your gun in a straight line while running
-You can fire your gun in any direction if you stand still
-Flying skulls will knock the masked Phantom away from you
-You can shoot the masked Phantom to knock him away from you
-You can only have 3 bullets at a time
-Killing a flying skull will give you a little health
-Avoid Nasferatu's claws
-Find a way to remove the masked Phantom's mask
-And last but not least... DON't DIE!!!