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App description: You are The Last One.
The only survivor of the Earth ship Resolute.

Ambushed by alien pirates the Earth ship Resolute is lost. Despite their destruction they were able to inflict heavy damage on the pirate ship.

The alien pirates seek revenge by hunting the one and only human survivor, you. The aliens fight in packs deploying devious tactics with an array of weapons including Kamikaze Robots.

Wearing your self contained star suit you find refuge in an asteroid belt where you can use the Physics of Zero-Gravity to your advantage.

You keep your suit powered by collecting Micro Suns which litter the asteroids.

For propulsion your suit is equipped with Pulse Jets.

To battle the aliens your suit has two powerful weapons.

The Plasma Gun which launches powerful missiles that can ricochet off an asteroid or use its gravity to produce cool trick shots!

The Vortex Cannon which fires out a powerful shockwave that repels what's ever in its path. You can also push the asteroids around, turning them into another weapon.

For defense your suit is equipped with a Shield Generator which can be monitored by the heads up display.

Your mission is to survive the ten challenging levels and destroy the alien pirates.

Good luck.