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2D Developers/Artists, Be Apart of the Next Great Project... (Six-Figure Marketing!)

07-18-2013, 07:00 PM
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2D Developers/Artists, Be Apart of the Next Great Project... (Six-Figure Marketing!)

With a huge twist that practically guarantees success and shakes up the entire model of gameplay, competitiveness, and purchases. The game-making twist will be incorporated into a deep game that can be compared to a complex action/adventure/puzzle version of Geometry Wars (best example that can be given, although the game itself is vastly different to that title). Rather than create a substantial teaser as I would normally, I believe that description plus the promise of an ingenious twist should be enough to attract the interest of great talent.

Developers, development teams, and artists (with an aesthetic that can reinvigorate the Geometry Wars-inspired style) can all apply. I would like to pitch the concept to established development companies as well.

Through years of iOS blogging and forum posting, I have secured a six-figure+ marketing campaign. The game concept itself is meticulously planned already. By the way -- you don't have to take my word for it: anybody hired will post here to vouch for the distinctiveness of the major twist.

Thank you for your interest, I genuinely look forward to working with extremely talented people!

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