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Win 1x100$, 4x15$, 5x10$ iTunes Gift Cards - Olympian Legends Contest

07-19-2013, 09:14 PM
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Win 1x100$, 4x15$, 5x10$ iTunes Gift Cards - Olympian Legends Contest

Hello toucharcade gamers

We recently upgraded our first iPhone game, Olympian Legends to support the iPhone5 resolution and we also launched a LITE version for anyone wishing to preview the game for free.

Our marketing budget is quite limited, and instead of spending it to ads, we decided to give it back to the gamers that have supported us so far or who are going to participate in this contest.

So we are kicking off two contests

Primary Contest - High Scorer on Classic Mode
1x100$ iTunes gift card for the high score winner & 4x15$ iTunes Cards at 4 random scorers

1. Buy Olympian Legends at the App Store (if you don't already have it) : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/olympian-legends/id601744556?mt=8

Tip: You can try the LITE version to see if you like the game : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/olympian-legends-lite/id670470512?mt=8

2. Make sure before you start playing, at the main menu screen, that the game has logged you in Game Center, or if the login dialog comes up, login to your Game Center account. You can verify that you are logged in if you can open the Game Center Leaderboards or Achievements from the main menu.
If by any chance you can't login to Game Center, check your internet connection. By putting the game into the background and then bringing it forward, it will try again to log you into Game Center.

3. The high score contest is for the classic mode only. Make sure to watch the help screens the 1st time you play the game. If you need to see them again, go to Options->Help On and play again the classic mode.

4. Every time you play in classic mode, and when you lose and see the game over screen, once you tap the "Tap Here" prompt and the bonus picker stops spinning, if your score is above 1000, you will see a cloud icon next to your score. You need to tap the cloud icon, it will check that you are logged into Game Center, and then record to our backend your Game Center alias, and your score.
If your score is below 1000, the cloud icon will not appear.
If you see the message "No Active Contest found", you need to check your internet connection.

5. Every time you upload your score, and everything is ok, you will see a message that you have 1 more entry in the contest. This means that the more you play the game, and upload your score through the cloud icon, the more chances you have to win something.

6. The highest scorer at the end of the contest will win 1 x 100$ iTunes Gift Card for the US App Store.

7. There will be a drawing for the rest of the participants, and 4 distinct players will be drawn, each one winning 1 x 15$ iTunes Gift Card for the US App Store.

8. Your Game Center score does not count, as the Game Center can be hacked. Attention - if you do not press the cloud icon, your score will not be recorded to our backend.

9. You can post your Game Center alias and current high score here, to keep track how well you doing.

10. Winners will be contacted through Game Center from user ghostve. Their Game Center aliases will be announced on this thread.

Tip: You can follow our twitter account for high scoring tips on classic mode.

Secondary Contest - Spread the news
5x10$ iTunes gift cards at 5 random TA registered members

1. You gain 1 entry if you announce this contest to your facebook friends, linking back here. Once you have announced it on FB, post below your link to your announcement to verify your entry.

2. You gain 1 entry if you announce this contest to your twitter account, linking back here. Again you need to post relative twitter link here.

3. You gain 1 entry if you leave your honest feedback about the game either here or as a review on iTunes. If you do leave a review on iTunes, we need to know your iTunes alias name.

3. You can have up to 3 entries in this contest. If you plan to do all of them, it is preferable to aggregate them under 1 post here.

4. You can participate in both contests, but if you win on the primary contest, you will be excluded from the second. This means, that from both contests, there will be 10 distinct winners.

Both contests start now and they will end Monday 29th of July 2013 (my birthday - what a coincidence) at 23:59 GMT+2.

Winners will be contacted and announced here within 5 days from the contest end date.

Thanks for entering, supporting us and good luck to everyone!

Rules of both Contests

1. Members of the Nightshift Coders, relatives of the 1st degree and beta testers (sorry guys) of the game cannot participate on any of the contests.

2. The prizes are personal and non transferable and can not be exchanged for cash or other gifts.

3. All iTunes Gift cards are for the US App Store only.

4. The high score winner will be selected from the highest score submitted with the cloud icon to the game backend. Game Center scores do not participate to the contest.

5. Nightshift Coders are not responsible for service availability of the backend. If any downtime is diagnosed/reported, Nightshift Coders will try to negotiate with the service provider a resolution of the problem as soon as possible.

6. Winners of the primary contest will be contacted through Game Center by user ghostve. It is their responsibility once they see their Game Center alias announced here, to respond through Game Center and provide their contact email to receive their prize.

7. Winners of the secondary contest will be contacted through a PM on the forum and they must make sure they can receive PMs from other members.

8. Participation in any of the Competitions implies unconditional acceptance of these terms.

Our 1st iPhone game, Olympian Legends in now on the App Store : https://itunes.apple.com/gr/app/olym...601744556?mt=8
07-19-2013, 09:22 PM
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Downloading the app and I like to participate to the second contest - shared the contest link on twitter - https://twitter.com/_dihpadilha/stat...11298180042752 -

Thank you so much for this epic contests

I also reviewed the free version in the US app store like dihpadilha

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07-19-2013, 10:16 PM
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Is Game Cente connectivity only available in the full version? I don't have the funds for the full version and I can't find anything about Game Center in the lite version.
07-20-2013, 12:12 AM

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07-20-2013, 12:16 AM
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07-20-2013, 03:45 AM
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07-20-2013, 11:44 PM
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Shared as Daniel Chang on FB
twittered as @ nerdherd518
Link below

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07-21-2013, 03:11 PM
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Thanks for the contest.

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07-21-2013, 07:41 PM
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Entered primary contest under guguleung.

I enjoyed the challenging gameplay of Olympian Legends. It has a Tetris kind of feel. There a 3 power ups that are useful to clear up some "stuck" blocks. One needs to focus on getting "perfect" legend faces to get the power ups. It has a steep learning curve to master it, both in terms of strategy and game play mechanics. Definitely easy to learn, but hard to master.