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iPad: Kiss or Miss: The absolute dating game!

07-23-2013, 09:14 AM
Kiss or Miss: The absolute dating game!

The dating game you always wanted to play!

Kiss or Miss is the dating video game that has been missing from every tablet! Kiss or Miss combines video games and interactive television and offers an innovative and unique way of watching and participating in a series of hilarious dating events, where the audience actually has the power to alter their course!

In Kiss or Miss we follow Steve, a single college guy on his various dates with different girls. Each girl is very different in terms of appearance and personality. Steve needs to understand what they need, feel the vibe and make the right moves in order to finally kiss them. He can try various different routes to get to the kiss. He can try being macho, sophisticated, geeky, posh and a host of other strategies and if any one way doesn’t work he can just try again with a new tactic! If his approach is weird or inappropriate, the girls may get angry and even slap him or throw their drink at him. This is the magic of the game! Players control Steve's actions and if they do not succeed, they can replay the episode.

All parts of the game will be filmed by us. The script is already created for the first two episodes, which involve hilarious events and misfortunes on the journey of Steve to kiss two really hot girls! The game has also unique features like the Time Machine (which can let you reverse an action you believe will affect the final outcome) and the "Love Doctor", who offers you advice on how to approach each girl.

Initially, we want to create the game for the iPad and then move forward with Android and Windows Phone versions. If we achieve our first funding goal, we will proceed with the iPad version only (which involves shooting the episodes and creating the game for the iPad). If we succeed in completing also our second objective, we will also create the game for Android and Windows tablets.

Who are the characters so far?


Steve is a college student. He is the main protagonist of Kiss or Miss. The character of Steve can never be truly defined as his personality is strongly influenced by the decisions of the players in control of him. Steve can be cocky, funny, grumpy, sophisticated, macho or anything else you can imagine! Of course, his ultimate objective is to meet the girl of his dreams and kiss her! During the game, Steve will try anything, including changing his tone of voice, his appearance or even his whole personality in order to impress and get closer to the girl and this is the magic of this game.


Natalie is the girl you met at the library. She loves poetry and listening to Spanish guitar while enjoying a glass of red wine! She is also really hot! You would definitely love to kiss her but in order to do so, you need to impress her and show you have what she wants in a guy!


Tiffany is the dance class instructor you always wanted to date. She is flexible, ever smiling and ultra hot! However, now you have actually managed to get a date with her! You have to be really cautious in order not to mess this up!


If you ever wondered what a true wing man is, Bobby is the definition. He is a single, carefree and energetic guy that will do anything in his power to get a girl for you (and for him). He also loves afros! Bobby is a sex-driven sensual being. This means that he can’t resist flirting with every girl (including your date). You actually need to handle him carefully in order to avoid strange situations!

What are our goals?

• We want to complete the shooting of the first two episodes of the game
• We want to shoot a total of 12 episodes (the new characters for some are yet to be determined and voted for by the game's community!)
• We want to add a greater range of scenery to the game story. In order to do so, we need a production budget that will allow us to shoot in extremely cool places!
• We want to develop the game for the iPad first. If our project is supported by fans and we surpass a funding target of £80,000, then we will also create the game for Android and Windows tablet Devices
• We intend to support our amazing team in order to perform casting sessions all over the UK in order to find the best and most passionate actors to star in the game. There are many characters that we have thought of. The decisions on characters and actors will also be from the fan community and the backers who decide to take part in the casting process
• We want to make the game reachable to as many people as possible. Thus, we don’t want to make the game paid but make it available for free. In order to do so, we will need the support of fans.

The game icon will be on the official game T-Shirt!

Risks and challenges

Kiss or Miss is an amazing and innovative game for mobile devices. The game was created by people who really love gaming and wanted to create something new. The creation of such a project is very demanding and requires a lot of dedication from a large number of people as for this project we need to combine a team of game developers along with a whole shooting crew (actors, extras, make-up, photographers, lighting, camera and sound operators).

The game is still in early development stages, leaving open various options with regards to the visual design and the implementation of specific game screens, the design and creation of which may be open to fans suggestion.

Video games are very demanding projects involving lots of people, lots of effort and resources but this is what makes this game so intriguing to us. We want to create the next generation of video games and interactive television and this can happen only with your help.

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07-24-2013, 05:02 AM
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I like the idea, how adult will some of the options be? Will there be full on pervert option like just go in for the kiss from the go? Or try and grab her ass? Kind of options.
Ill keep an eye on this though as I like interactive movie style games.
07-24-2013, 06:23 PM
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Cool idea! I haven't seen something like this on iPhone (I mean the video part). How many episodes do you intend to make? Can we vote for the girls that will be in the game?

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07-25-2013, 07:37 AM
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Any chance to get a German translated version as well?