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Feedback from E3 conference (2013)

07-24-2013, 11:35 PM
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Feedback from E3 conference (2013)

I went to the E3 conference a couple of weeks back. Luckily, I got in one day due to a developer friend. One of the booths inside was Gameloft's. Since I have always liked Gameloft games such as Asphalt 7, Nova 3, and MC4; I was excited to talk to the Gameloft representatives. They started me off with that day's release Despicable Me : Minions, and then I asked him about Asphalt 8 and MC5.

I actually was looking for Eli and Arn, but I didn't see them at the conference, the conference was pretty cool, I took a ton of photos I would like to share some of them here. Of course E3 was mostly for consoles, but some things like Gameloft's booth were really interesting to me. Some of the other stuff like Xbox One's smartglass to was very interesting, and of course seeing the ps4 and xbox one was totally awesome as well.

I was shocked when Gameloft had fully working versions of both unreleased games! I got to play both Asphalt 8 and Modern Combat 5! Woohoo!

Asphalt 8 Notes

Wow!!! Asphalt 8 was a lot of fun! Not only do the physics seem better, this game relies on jumps after jumps after jumps! I assume I was playing on an ipad 4, and it was rock solid framerate wise. It looked alot better to me than Asphalt 7, and the graphics seemed a little smaller maybe. But i didn't cycle though the camera views which was kind of a shame, but usually in Asphalt games, I play with the regular car view, so probably the default view is what I would have picked anyway.

The thing I loved in this game was the jumping. You have a ton of ramps you can jump, tunnels that spiral so you can jump, and walls and such that you can jump. It is a great feeling to fly and with such a fast velocity, it is hella fun! It is cool too how you barrel roll, so you do a 180 in air, and land on your wheels. It is really a cool experience.

I loved Asphalt 8, not only are the graphics and details much better than A7, but the jumping and tunnels make this game great fun! Super highly recommended!

Here's some pictures that I took from my ipad 3 at E3 2013.

Asphalt 8 - E3 Alpha Version

Asphalt 8 trailer

Youtube link | Pop Up

Modern Combat 5 Notes

The first thing that I noticed was the kind of tranquil almost watercolor like colors. The screen looked a little more like art than past Gameloft titles. It definitely has a distinctive look to it. The screen was gorgeous, with so many graphical enhancements added. The radar was revamped, and the gamplay seemed silky smooth on what I think was an ipad 4. I saw no framerate problems, and the action was solid.

The tranquil colors really added a surreal flavor to the game. But the impressive thing to me was the many graphical enhancements such as shadows for the characters, smoke that billowed and grew larger, water reflections on the canal. Even little things like birds flying in the sky were very nice. If you look at my screenshot, you can get a feel of the nice graphics, but seeing it in real life was impressive. Makes me look forward to having an ipad 4 for sure, kinda wonder how the ipad 3 version would look, but can't imagine it would have the shadows, smoke effects, and water reflections in it.

Too cool!

What it looked like when I played it:

Modern Combat 5 - Alpha E3 Demo Version

Youtube link | Pop Up


Whirl the Squirrel:

I bought this game, and it is awesome!

I really like this game, I would recommend it highly. It is a little on the hard side, but I think it is fun and now seems to have a level skip option according to the developer.

The game to me is funner than Sonice the hedgehog games on ios, and really, I would have to say is a "Must Buy" if you like platform-sonic type games.

Some Whirl the Squirrel Update Notes:

A tutorial was added, which helps alot, also the difficulty was toned down a notch which was really good. Totally awesome update!

In the most recent update the ipad control positions were changed which is shown in my pictures below. The second picture is of the old version, the controls look like they were kinda ported over from the iphone version, meaning being too big and too far apart. Also, the buttons were probably too low for most people.

As you can see in the top picture, the update fixed both of these problems, the left right controls are now much smaller and closer together, so that is good. Also the placement is a little higher. I kinda wish it could have been made moveable cause in this day and age, all platform games probably should be made with moveable controls, but the updated controls work pretty well.

One thing to note is that the left right buttons work as a zone, so anything slightly above or below them will register too. This is kinda cool, when I was working with the developer of Crumble Zone, I was telling him that they need moveable controls, he said it was kinda hard to do, so he made the zones bigger. So make sure you try hitting outside the buttons for the zones, though it may feel a little awkward to hold your fingers outside the icons.

I've also been trying to get the developer DioxisMining to put in icade support! I talked to him, and he said he will consider it, so I pray to god that we maybe able to enjoy this soon on icade!

Here's some HDMI pictures, cause I am sure you all missed them so much...

HDMI on this game is a little tough. Since the game moves so fast, it does become a little blurry at times. Now, I have an ipad 3, so maybe the framerates are better on the ipad 4, but there is a slight jerkiness to this game on HDMI. But it is still very fun. I have attached two screenshots, one with a stretch zoom mode, and one with a zoomed zoom mode. The zoomed zoom mode, retains the original aspect ratio, and has less lag. The stretched fits nicely on the screen, and you can see all of it, but the lag is a little more. Unfortunately with HDMI, with a game that is pretty difficult, it is hard to play. That is why I am looking for the new update to decrease the difficulty a little so it will be easier to play on HDMI tv.

This is Stretch mode, better cause everything fits on the screen, lag is a hair more, but aspect ratio is off.

This is Zoom mode, where it really zooms in, cuts a little off the top and bottom. Works well in driving games, but as you can see, you can't see the score. Does retain the right aspect ratios though.

The bottom line though is this is a great game, definitely one of the best platform/sonic/endless runners combos out there.

Very highly recommended!



I worked with the developer on this game to create a video as a tutorial manual. The game is a pretty good turn based space exploration game, but since I was kinda a newbie to this genre, trying to figure out the game was a little bit tough, so I asked the developer to make a video, and he did! He also put it into the last update, so that is great too! It still might be free as I type this, so make sure to pick it up and try it.

Shifts is a turn-based strategy game set in a desolate universe. You play the Captain of a ship fleeing a dying Earth. Lost in space with the last five humans in the entire universe, it’s up to you to guide them through the stars. Find habitable planets and colonize them with creation engines before your nanovirus-infected Arkship self-destructs. With strategy and luck you'll find a new home for humanity.


Delta-V Racing

I was a beta tester for this new game called Delta-V Racing that came out today!!! I had the opportunity to have input in the addition of icade controls to this game, as well as other features in the game such as beta testing the ipad graphic positions. It plays nicely with my icade core joystick. I cut and pasted some of the developer notes from the developer below with more information.

Delta-V Racing is a universal iOS racing game featuring multiple event types as well as the ability to race the ghosts of your Game Center friends in all campaign events. The simple way to describe it is as a 2D version of Wipeout HD although it differs in a few areas such as it’s a horizontal scroller, has multiple routes through the tracks, etc...


A retro styled, futuristic combat racing game that will have your palms sweating in minutes!

Snake your way through the galaxy’s finest race tracks, and charge to victory in some of the coolest ships known to man. Quick thinking and faster reactions are the order of the day. Race tactically; throw off homing missiles with decoy mines or risk the tight fast route to pull a chain-boosted lead then claim your victory from the tournament BOSS as you take him out with a Laser blast…

Can you take your place at the top podium on every event and become a true Delta-V Legend?

Delta-V Racing with icade core joystick


Okay, I still have a ton of other stuff that I did as of late, so I will break it up into a couple of posts so it doesn't get too long. Hope all of you all are doing well!

So long,
From the

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07-24-2013, 11:49 PM
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Playstation Booth

It was kind of spread out everywhere. There was a vita section, a ps3 and ps4 section, and was kinda blue in theme color. But I thought the green xbox section looked cooler. Xbox probably won in terms of looks. Though the Playstation section seemed way bigger.

It was cool too how they had a balcony in the background, I should have gone up there and taken a picture.

Warframe for PS4

Now out of all the games I saw, this one looked the coolest. It seemed like one of the premiere titles, and had a long wait to play, so I didn't get a chance to play. But I was impressed. These kind of games are terrible on an ipad.

I really liked the green theme, and the nice setup of the Microsoft xbox booth. The xbox one section was way better than I thought. I liked how the xbox section had a cool theme, and had both a professional and gaming feel to it.

The xbox section also seemed to have alot of professionals manning the booths rather than scantily clothed girls like other game companies did. It was kind of nice talking to some of the representatives there, they could actually answer some of my questions about smartglass and such.

Halo Spartan Assault - at first I thought this game was going to be an xbox one game, but then when I went by the booth, I noticed everyone playing the game on their Microsoft Surfaces. Then I began to think, guess now we can consider Microsoft Surfaces to be pcs. That was an interestig thought, because before, I never thought of my ipad as a computer. But I guess the Microsoft Surface is sure breaking ground as a pc.

This was a hot looking car, advertising for Forza 5, an xbox game. Wow, I liked this car the best out of all the cars I saw at E3! Anyone know what kind of car it is?

The xbox one joystick looks pretty cool. Like how it's not too big. I like both xbox and playstation controllers, so either style is fine for me. I am actually curious how the new Apple joystick for ipad will look like. It is nice playing games with a joystick, and while icade is fun and all, it would be nice to have a true dual stick analog joystick for my ipad.

Wish we could use xbox controllers on Apple devices.

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07-25-2013, 12:09 AM
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Welcome back from Vacation; E3 looks like a lot of fun.
07-25-2013, 01:06 AM
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Originally Posted by undeadcow View Post
Welcome back from Vacation; E3 looks like a lot of fun.
Hey, it's great to see you again Undeadcow! How you been doing? I hope you have been doing well.

Yeah, E3 was great fun, even outside the convention, there were a ton of booths and activities. There were a ton of cool exhibits inside the convention, and the most interesting thing to me was the sharp contrast between the Xbox one and PS4 setups. It was alot of fun.
07-25-2013, 02:05 AM
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You can download/play warframe on PC now I think, their presenting at the booth is a way of them showing they'll be supporting freemium.
07-25-2013, 02:07 AM
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Welcome Back!

We missed your insight into iOS gaming, lol. One E3 question... PS4 or Xbox One? Lol!
07-25-2013, 02:19 AM
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That car is the new McLaren P1.

One thing I didn't like about Microsoft's booth was how cramped it felt. Not a lot of space to walk around.

Nice to read your thoughts; thanks for sharing.
07-25-2013, 10:43 AM
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Welcome back! The E3 is pretty cool, and I like the games recommendations

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07-25-2013, 10:51 AM
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Great to see you back! E3 looks AMAZING! Thanks for sharing the info.
07-25-2013, 11:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Connector View Post
Hey, it's great to see you again Undeadcow! How you been doing? I hope you have been doing well.
Doing great, still trying to stir up trouble around here as I'm able. Looks like I'll be getting some more help with that now that you're back. If you're going to work the developer of Shifts on anything please do what you can for them to make it Universal, haha.

Originally Posted by Connector View Post
...E3 was great fun, even outside the convention...
I don't ever go to conventions, but if I did I'm sure I would like the wild culture surrounding them. Living in Austin, TX the buzz surrounding music festivals with craziness around town was probably as good as the festivals themselves.