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iPad: Buoy Master - (by TFWorld Software)

07-25-2013, 11:36 AM
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Buoy Master - (by TFWorld Software)

I wanted to let everyone know about our new game that was released today, Buoy Master! Download it, try it, tell your friends about it, and leave some feedback on what we could do better for it. It is FREE so what do you have to lose? Thanks!



Buoy Master for iOS - Water Skiing Challenge

Lubbock, TX, July 25, 2013: TFWorld Software announces their new game Buoy Master for iPhone and iPad to be released July 25th. Buoy Master is a new water skiing arcade game utilizing motion control to navigate through three unique river zones.

In Buoy Master, the player controls the skier as he maneuvers around buoys while avoiding the land and dangerous obstacles. Play begins with your player pulled on an inner tube behind a basic boat. Collect coins throughout the zone to earn Boost and to purchase upgrades in the boatyard. During Boost your player activates an invulnerability shield and earns bonus coins. As your skills improve, you can use your coins to earn different skis or even learn how to ski barefoot.

In the boatyard you can upgrade your boat's hull, engine, or boosters and your player's skis. Customize the color of your player and boat. Unlock increasingly difficult zones to further test your skills. Challenge your friends to beat your score.

  • Retro pixel graphics
  • Boat upgrades for speed and coin bonuses
  • Skier upgrades with increased agility and coin bonuses
  • Customizable player and boat
  • Unlock new zones
  • Advance quickly by purchasing coins or a coin doubler
  • Unlock 20 achievements

Device Requirements:
  • iPhone 3GS or higher
  • iPod Touch 4th generation or higher
  • iPad 2 or higher
  • iOS 5.0 or higher
  • 8.6 Mb

Pricing and Availability:

Free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games Category!

Demo Video
Press Kit