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QuickPlan: Project plan has not been so easy, on a clean flat interface with gestures

07-31-2013, 10:24 PM
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QuickPlan: Project plan has not been so easy, on a clean flat interface with gestures

QuickPlan Pro for iPad, is THE easy to use project planning app for iPad and iPhone, which sets EASE and EFFICIENCY as the primary goals in originating your profession projects,plans,efforts,goal and life on the iPad.

Natural gesture use makes creating and editing plans easier, faster and more efficient than ever before. It is a breakthrough design. Visualize, maintain and simplify projects on Gantt charts. Lay out tasks, arrange your project calendar with contacts and track task status – all at your fingertips with a minimum of effort and learning. It just feels right.

QuickPlan Pro fine-tunes the best features of Microsoft Project Plan(MPP) and repurposes them for the iOS – without the complexity – bringing intuitive and discoverable project maintenance and creation to users of all experience levels.

Projects can be shared as Excel and PDF – plus synchronized across multiple devices and teams AND integrated with Microsoft Project Plan – via AirDrop, Email, Dropbox, Box and iTunes.


Nature gesture use makes creating project easier, faster and more efficient than ever before. Visualize, maintain and simplify project on Gantt chart, originating projects as tile groups, lay out tasks, arrange your project calendar with contacts and track task status – all at you fingertips with minimum efforts and learning.

· Gestures to update task time, task sequence, task link, task properties, task outline level of tasks ; start time of entire project
· Gestures for quick operation: zoom timeline, centralize task, centralize today, select / unselect task, scroll tasks, collapse / expand task group


Well-designed clean UI makes project and task maintenance be simple and be intuitive, by avoiding navigating from multiple level of menus.

Project tile UI deliveries nature project navigation experience to users

Task information be displayed as task list and Gantt chart views, with dynamic updating panel

Updating been reflected on multiple UI parts at automatically.
Multiple updating entrances to same information, keeps maintenance be direct and fast.

Update project name at Home view or at project view
Update task property in updating panel or in task list view


Multiple projects organized in project groups
Project duplication
Project tile with cover color and image customization
Project calendar, project contacts management
Child project, with support of automatic synchronizing to parent project
Convert task group as child project, repeat task into child project
Task group
Task propertiesName, date, % complete, Work, Physical % complete, Cost, Contact, Icon, Notes
Task color
Task link

Project can be exported as image, PDF, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Project Plan files, for communication and future work – and be shared via AirDrop, Email, Dropbox, Box and iTunes.N05@2x


Synchronizing across multiple devices(iPad/iPhone) and across teams – Projects created by QuickPlan AND Microsoft Project can be imported into QuickPlan, via multiple channels:

Sync to nearby devices via iOS 7 AirDrop. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyEvfQe6Xgk
Export to Dropbox or Box cloud storage, and import from other devices
Send project by email and open project in other devices
Store project into iTunes and to imported into same or other devices.
Please watch the video for more detail.

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08-10-2013, 09:42 PM
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QuickPlan Pro 2.2 has just gone live with PDF and Dropbox support

1. Export project as PDF via Email, Dropbox cloud, Box cloud and iTunes
2. Dropbox support to import and export project

More at www.mobilinked.biz/?page_id=48
10-19-2013, 06:44 AM
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Best project planning app for iPad

QuickPlan for iPad 3.0 has gone live
01-07-2014, 07:03 AM
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4.0 gone live

Enhancements and new features :

More details please visit the release note.

QuickPlan for iPad 4.0 is an important update, which starts to support task resource, “Many to one” task link, and enhances Excel exporting to be compatible with Apple Number.
  1. Task Resource - Assign project member to task
  2. Excel exporting - Compatible with Apple Number, with new resource allocation sheets
  3. Pdf exporting - Customization of Banner image and Author name
  4. Open project as PDF/Excel - Open project in other app directly as PDF and Excel file
  5. “Many to one” task link - “Many to one” “Finish to start” task link
  6. Repeat task group into new child project
  7. Automatic backup to Dropbox - Automatically backup all projects to Dropbox daily.
  8. Task search - Search task and navigate to the task.
  9. UI
    • Show full task name on Gantt chart
    • Task link line been changed to Bezier curve
    • Show % compete of entire project at project tile in Home view
    • Option to show/hide non-working day duration information
    • Swipe left on restore view to skip
    • First week day enhancement
    • Project summary line
    • Import from iPad contacts
    • Passcode restructure
    • When editing locked, tap on task name to show task name/notes popover view
    • Double tap/long press to open child project when editing locked
    • Option to disable/enable “restore view”
    • Stability improvement and Bug fixing.