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Labyrinth of the Minotaur: Escape From Darkness

08-02-2013, 01:18 AM
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Labyrinth of the Minotaur: Escape From Darkness

I have played it.

This has potential.

Price: $0.99 (price drop)
Device used while I played this game: iPod touch 4th gen

Review is after the app info.

3 stars because:

-There aren't very many paths to choose from. When you start out I think there are 3 paths to choose from (which is good), but once you pick a path, you can end up waking down hallways for minutes before finding a new path which can make it boring.

-There aren't very many threats. Although there is a Minotaur chasing you the whole time, you can easily outwalk it.

-There needs to be more paths to choose from and there needs to be more monsters.

-Although I like the atmosphere, there should be more decorations (more dead bodies, blood on the wall, blood trails, hanged people who could fall from the ceiling, different kinds of AI)

Overall it's a good game and the atmosphere looks great, but there needs to be more paths to choose from and more monsters.

There will also be more content in future updates.

The lighting is great, the walking is great. The sound is great. The graphics are amazing. There is an analog stick on the left side to walk and you swipe on the right side of the screen to look around.

When you swipe, make sure you swipe, not hold down you thumb to look around.

The first trap I encounteed were a row of spikes that popped up from the ground.

I haven't gotten too far, but there are probabally a lot more traps. (Edit: The only trap I have run into are the spikes. There will be more traps and maps added in future updates)

There are 2 modes:

(In both modes you carry around a torch while wondering the labyrinth trying to find a way out. The fire on the torch actually moves like a real live fire)

-A chase mode

where a huge scary Scythe/axe weilding Minotaur (the one seen in the pic) chases/stalks you around (I'm not sure if it can run). You can get hit 4 times by the scythe (axe?) before you die.

-The other mode is the option to turn off chase mode and wander around the Labyrinth till you find an exit without the Minotaur chasing you.

There are 2 difficulty modes: Normal and Hard.

The sound is great.

If you turn around and the Minotaur is far behind, you can see its red eyes glowing in the dark.

It can feel bit linear sometimes what I mean is the hallways are a bit long until you reach asplit paths and choose one.

If you end up lost, there is a button you can press that will send you back to the beginning of the maze where you can choose a different path.

Once you reach the exit a loading screen pops up and you end up above ground in a misty area and it says you have won/escaped the labyrinth (not those exact words)

I still haven't played hard mode yet. So it might be totally different than normal mode.

Edit: Everytime I play hard mode it crashes. Looks like I'm limited to normal mode.

There is only one iap: Ariadne's Thread and I have no idea what it is or what it does.

The only [small] flaw I noticed is when it's loading (on the loading screen) the sound cuts out, but once the game starts it works pefectly.

It has not crashed once.
Edit: It crashes whenever I choose hard difficulty mode, but normal mode is fine.

This is worth trying out. It's still a fun game.

If someone could post a video, that would be awesome since I can't find any on youtube and also don't know how to record iPod gameplay.

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