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App description: Let's go on an adventure in the vast and beautiful 3D world online!

The 3D MMORPG played by more than 2.5 million people in Japan comes to iPhone!
You can enjoy both co-op play and real time communication such as chat like Online RPG for PC.
The beautiful 3D graphics, overwhelming battles and boundless world will fascinate players.
Also, you can play comfortably on the renewed interface with touch panels.

- Chat & Online Co-op Play -

Players can enjoy fighting against monsters and chatting with other players online like Online RPG for PC.
Let's cooperate with other players and defeat formidable monsters!
Don't miss this chance to enjoy impressive gameplay!

- The Story of Iruna Online -

Long ago, the fantasy world of Iruna was created by the 12 gods of Iruna.
Since the long conflict of gods, the four groups Hume, Diel, Cule, and Elf are now fighting for their country.
Your journey begins here...
10-02-2014, 03:29 PM
Joined: Apr 2014
Posts: 537
Is anyone else playing this game? I just found out about it yesterday while looking through the App Store. I'd like to know if it's worth playing for the long run.

There's a good amount of people in the game already (and I'm currently still in the beginning town, lol)...

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