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Illustrative Cartoony 2D Artist ready to work!

08-04-2013, 10:56 PM
Joined: Feb 2013
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Illustrative Cartoony 2D Artist ready to work!

2D artist here ready to work! I have been illustrating professionally for the last 6 years and am now ready to venture my graphics into the Mobile gaming industry.

Everyone here knows just as much as I do that we all have to start somewhere... So I took it upon myself to set out and create a simple game to prove to fellow developers and studios that I know what I am doing as a game artist and I do know how to create the assets necessary for an amazingly awesome looking game!... With the help of Xen Element I was able to get "Chaz!" (Chazgame.com) created, designed, and launched successfully. Going into this being both our first game we had 1 simple goal always in mind: "To prove to the masses that we know how to make a game."

So please:

If YOU have a project that needs refined graphics, characters, objects, backgrounds, icon, HUD, or ANYTHING! - please do not hesitate to contact me. My email is contact@25thPixel.com, or you can always PM me here. "Chaz!", like I said was my first game, and has been submitted to Apple already where you should all be able to play it soon. For a better look at the art of Chaz and the launch trailer please check it out at www.ChazGame.com I hope you will find that I am an artist that takes game asset creation seriously. I am a problem solver and like to analyze what the game needs from an avid 80s and 90s child gamers perspective in order to get everything created in a fast , unique, awesome, original, yet high quality manner!

So let's have some fun! These are GAMES after all! Hope to meet a lot of you soon!