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App description: Leave the ordinary behind! Make a Leap of Faith into an amazing new world - a world of war, chaos, magic, and love. Assemble your army of heroes from a collection of beautifully rendered character cards. Prove yourself worthy by becoming a Master of the realm! It won't be easy, though. Your path to glory is blocked by countless hordes of monsters and notorious beasts!

A variety of exciting adventures await! Delve into the territories of the Valko Expanse. Meet her people, learn her history, and discover her dark secrets! Play solo or invite your friends along to make this adventure truly memorable!

In this epic battle for survival, the fate of three factions - Magic, Blood, and the Empire - hang in the balance. Choose wisely. Your decision may change history.

* Assemble your powerful army from a collection of unique character cards rendered by popular designers.
* Over 60 picturesque locations put you right in the middle of the action!
* Our card evolution system updates your character cards with improved stats, character background, and artwork.
* Cooperate with other guild members to create a world that plays by your rules.
* Invite friends to strengthen your guild and gain an advantage over your enemies.
* Gather valuable resources using Leap of Faith's mining system.
* Create magical artifacts to establish yourself as a undeniable force in the realm.
* Battle against real players and claim their treasures in victory. Earn your spot atop the warrior rankings!
* Frequent card updates.
* Charming graphics and amazing animation.
* Marvelous fantasy soundtrack brings your journey across the Valko Expanse to life!
* So much more!