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iPhone: Dubai Delivery - a cultural logistics game (sentiomedia)

08-07-2013, 05:57 AM
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Dubai Delivery - a cultural logistics game (sentiomedia)

Dear all,

we'd like to introduce to you our new iPhone game called "Dubai Delivery".

It is a logistics puzzle game set in Dubai. You can reveal the map of Dubai by managing a delivery company, and learn about the city's history and current lifestyle told by real Dubai residents.



iTunes link:

It's published worldwide. FREE to play, no ads, reasonable IAPs

Hope you'll like it!

08-08-2013, 03:34 AM
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Always like a good puzzle game - will give this a try!

08-08-2013, 05:52 AM
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Haven't played the game yet, but I think this is a really clever promotional tool.
08-08-2013, 08:38 AM
Game Impressions

I played this game for an hour this morning. This is a freemium Transport Tycoon/Pocket planes clone that allows you to learn more about Dubai with a Tetris like twist tossed in there for the loading/unloading of cargo.

This is not a Pay2Win game, this is a fun simple, easy game where you direct Motorcycles, Vans, Trucks, etc. to different locations with different load outs. You can buy Falcions($$$) with IAP, faster vehicles, or other boosts. You do NOT have to do this to play the game but it speeds up the game which is already at a brisk pace.

Overall fun, simple, easy to get into, and not packed with any type of Propoganda or other nonsense people may think about.

If you haven't been to Dubai, this is a simple way to learn about the country while directing your cargo and making a buck along the way
08-08-2013, 08:54 AM
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Adding appinfo=all

This gamer runs on premium games.
08-08-2013, 09:30 AM
Game Impressions

08-08-2013, 09:32 AM
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Offtopic: Do you know why the screenshoots in appinfo and appshooper looks very bad in last days? There are very pixelated.
08-10-2013, 12:24 AM
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Gameplay is like pocket planes.
08-11-2013, 01:16 AM
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So I've been playing this for the few days or so.

It plays similar to Pocket Planes but it's a lot more organized.

You courier packages around a few set locations in Dubai. As the game progresses your'e able to unlock different locations as well as purchasing new vehicles. You also unlock facts about Dubai which appear as stars on the map.

What I find interesting is the number of little touches that alter the gameplay so it's not simply a Pocket Planes clone.

These are :
  • Packages have different sizes. A truck can fit more stuff in it then a bike.
  • Packages can be marked as "fragile". Meaning it can't have anything else on top of it
  • You are rewarded for taking a full load , as well as having all your packages to one destination
  • To get more drivers then 5 drivers you need to apply for the appropriated permit. As is for delivering things to be shipped by sea. Permits cost $$
  • At times a customs guard decides to hold delivery from a certain location. essentially it means you can't click a button to get the delivery on the way until a timer goes down. he doesn't always appear in every location tho.
  • You can share how well your Delivery company is doing from a webpage that you can make popup in the browser for your device (safari/opera/chrome)

Initially you only have 3 or so locations , 2 pickup trucks and a bike but you can upgrade these fairly quickly. You can also buy new locations just like Pocket Planes.

The progression is a little different from Pocket Planes IMHO as with PP as long as you have enough money you can buy a location very far away from your main locations. With this game (DD) the further away you get the more it costs to unlock them making progression more linear the PP.
08-15-2013, 10:15 PM
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I enjoyed this game while I was playing it. As has been mentioned the closest comparison on ios is pocket planes but I found certain decisions to be very opaque. I bought the port permit for 50k, then I had to buy the port for 50k, and even then I couldn't use ships until a later game unlock. Likewise when I unlocked freezer vehicles I was disappointed to find they could only and exclusively carry frozen goods. I think these limitations could have been explained better in tooltips so I could make more informed tactical decisions.

That being said I loved loved loved the Dubai facts. I only unlocked 95/250 and I wish I could see the rest. I even found myself quoting them to my friends and I feel those facts brought me much closer to understanding what life is like in Dubai. I really enjoyed how frantic it could get loading up and sending vehicles out keep them all moving

I thought this was well worth my time until pocket trains arrives

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