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XtremeSoaring3D $200 Cash Prize Contest

08-17-2013, 02:18 PM
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XtremeSoaring3D $200 Cash Prize Contest

Hi pilots,

Thanks for enjoying XtremeSoaring3D, for the last couple months since the first release in December 2012, the product has been receiving great attention from glider pilots and soaring community around the world. However, there are still lots more soaring enthusiasts out there have not heard about the product and the number of download is still very limited.

In order to get more attention and also supports from the community for the future of this product, I would like to announce the first XtremeSoaring marketing contest:

Within a month, starting today August 15th 2013, the contest will be ended on September 15th 2013, anyones who could attract the most attention to this product will receive a cash prize of $200 via PayPal.

How It Works:

Go to any soaring community forums on the internet, make a post (or many posts) about this game using resources (screenshots, videos) available on this page or your own creation. Your post should contain a link to XtremeSoaring3D.com website and at least have one screenshot.

By September 15th 2013, the one who has the largest total view count on all his/her posts will win the contest and receive the prize.

To claim your view count, you could either:

Email links of your posts to xtremesoaring3d.contest@gmail.com (multiple emails are welcome).
Or comment all your links on the Facebook contest album here.
See you on the sky,
Phillip Phan, Developer.
08-18-2013, 11:23 AM
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Hey, I never saw this when it first came out, so I'm gonna buy me a copy now!