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Maniac Manors : a nice adventure/puzzle game

08-19-2013, 06:33 AM
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Maniac Manors : a nice adventure/puzzle game

Name : Maniac Manors
Price : 1.99USD
Genre : adventure/puzzle
download for Ipad & Iphone

trailer : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EJNNq6QD-M


The first things that comes in mind when you see Maniac Manors is Maniac Mansion, one of the greatest point & click games LucasArt release some decades ago. I don't think it's a good choice, because most of the people might reject it just for that, but doing so, they'll miss something.
Maniac Manors is an adventure game where you'll have to find objects and combine them with others to progress, like in the old fashionned point & clicks, but with some nice puzzles and a first person control, it brings some freshness that makes it interesting, mostly thanks to his atmosphere.

Graphics 7/10
Graphics are pretty nice. Not the best ever, but they do the trick, and the game is fluid. They used a strange art direction between realistic and cartoon, which, I think, contributes to the global atmosphere of the game. This global atmosphere is rather terrific, mostly thanks to the great musics. Unfortunatly, the characters look a little poor, and as a dark atmosphere, some places are too dark, and you might not see everything well.

MUSIC 8.5/10
The music is very good. And the effects are pretty nice. Nothing special to say... Just a cool frightening soundtrack.

Gameplay 7/10
The classic first person controls, left thumb to move, right thumb to look. The one peoples use to hate when they didn't try them before understanding them after 30sec of playing. It's acceptable as you don't need speed or precision like in fps. I just don't understand why you have to aim your target with the crosshair and press the action button to take them, I thought we had invented touch screens some years ago... Thankfully, it looks like the developers remembered that features when it comes to resolve some of the puzzle with many little pieces, or it would have been such a pain in the ... thumbs...
Finally, the diary of the player, where the hints and story pages are collected, is ok, but narrative events make it pop out in the middle of the game, that's a strange way to do so and it's a bit confusing, but also makes sure you don't lose any clue. Could have been better.
The difficulty of this game is, I would say, rather challenging. Some enigmas are very difficult, but they are always logical. And that's a very good thing as many of those games requires you to combine the electric cable with the bird to obtain an alien pie. If you follow the story and looks carefully around you, you should always find a logical response. However, it lacks of some hint system that could help the player when he's stuck for too long.
With something like 7 hours spent on that game, I finished the game, but I still don't have completed all the enigmas, I suppose there is an other end to unlock or something like that... you'll have 8 success to unlock.

Conclusion 8.5/10
Well Maniac Manors has defects, it's not the best adventure game ever, and not the most beautiful, and the narrative methods are a little odd. However his atmosphere and enigmas makes it one of the best game I played since a long time on a smartphone, it definitely worth his price, and proves you can make good games on mobile that are not runners or puzzle lists. Most cool of that : developer says updates are coming. More enigmas ? More story ? An other manor to explore (that would make the name of the game more logical) or just another game to buy ? I don't know.

It looks that 2 days ago, the game as been updated. Some of the complaints I had as been fixed.
The walking speed has been edited.
The english traduction has been enhanced.
And they added the walkthrough in the game.

+1 gameplay
+0.5 total !

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