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App description: Don't Let Go! is the best party game ever. Unlike other games, it's all about the physical world. Push your friends. Bite them (don't really). Do what you must to eliminate them and, most importantly, Don't Let Go!

Don't Let Go is 2-4 player amazingness on an iPhone and 2-8 player insanity on the iPad. Play responsibly. Don't break your iPhone/iPad or your friends.

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glazedkoala's comments:
Hey everybody!

I recently released my first iOS game, Don't Let Go! for the iPad and iPhone. It's 2-8 players and very physical. Players all touch the iPad to join the game, then start a match. The last player still touching the iPad wins. Push your friends. Bite them (don't really). Do whatever you can to win.

Here's a trailer that shows the game in action:

Youtube link | Pop Up

The game also allows for "house rules" -- rules you agree to play by with your friends. This video shows a couple ideas I came up with, but I'd love to hear some more:

Youtube link | Pop Up

Let me know what you think!