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iPad: Flying Celebrities to the Red Carpet: Kids Edition Free (by DreamBotStudios)

08-22-2013, 10:47 AM
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Flying Celebrities to the Red Carpet: Kids Edition Free (by DreamBotStudios)

Move over Jason Statham. The best transporter is here! Download it to your iPhone and iPad now - http://georiot.co/1QGr.

A simple yet fun game, it sure is cool way for kids to past time with.

Get Flying Celebrities to the Red Carpet here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/flying-celebrities-to-red/id682384467?mt=8

More About the Game:

Escape the paparazzi while flying celebrities to the red carpet!

Pilot Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Gangnam Style Guy, and Adele thru the skies of Los Angeles! Be clever as you might bump into the paparazzi in the sky!

Buy upgrades to blast away the annoying paparazzi while in the clouds!

Earn a reputation to attract more celebrity clientele into your super sonic plane!

Best of all, compete against friends on game center!

Can you and your friends handle angry celebrities riding shotgun with the paparazzi hovering at you?

Enjoy the Game Now!


+ Frantic Flying Amid the Hovering Paparazzi

+ Interesting Celebrities Riding Shotgun in Your Plane

+ Various Planes to Drive Different Celebrities

+ Fun Competition with Friends on GameCenter

+ Collection of More Planes with Higher Scores

+ Encounter with Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Gangnam Style Guy, and Adele

+ Continuous Updates, Everlasting Silliness!

+ Simple, Instant Interactive Fun!

Download it now!

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