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iPad: Wizard Quest - magical puzzle adventure game

08-27-2013, 08:15 AM
Wizard Quest - magical puzzle adventure game

Mana Giant is an indie developer from northern Finland. Right now we’re working on a free game called Wizard Quest. It’s an awesome puzzle-styled adventure RPG game for iOS with epic pixel art- and audio experience. An iPad optimized version will be launched this fall. We’re looking for some beta-testers, comments and possible reviews from puzzle-loving gamers! We'll be happy to answer any questions!

Youtube link | Pop Up

The depth of puzzle play, the variety of RPG’s, and all the action you could ever want

  • Unique match-3 spell casting system for navigation and combat
  • 25 quests with loads of monsters – and more to come!
  • Each monster creates a new puzzle game situation, affecting the best ways to use the pieces.
  • Weapon and Item conjuration and collection system – hundreds of kick-ass weapons and magic items to master!
  • Competitive Social World and Quest Leaderboards for Game Center and Facebook users

You can follow us also at http://www.managiant.com/
or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WizardQuestGame

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08-27-2013, 11:25 AM
Game art looks nice. If you need a beta tester, send me a mail.

08-27-2013, 11:50 AM
the art reminds me a bit of Darkmere, which is awesome..

08-27-2013, 01:05 PM
Thanks dr. morton, nice to hear! (: Lot's of love put into the grapchis for sure.
We'll send you mail about the beta.
08-27-2013, 04:50 PM
Originally Posted by JoshCM View Post
the art reminds me a bit of Darkmere, which is awesome..

Yeah, our pixel artist has certainly been influenced and inspired by some classic titles.
08-27-2013, 11:05 PM
Will you post the gameplay of this game? The graphics are so good.

Pine Entertainment
08-28-2013, 06:02 AM
Originally Posted by Andre View Post
Will you post the gameplay of this game? The graphics are so good.
Thanks Andre! (: We'll be posting new content very soon, so stay tuned...
08-28-2013, 08:52 AM
Story teaser

Still working on the gameplay trailer, I promise it will be ready this Friday at the latest. Meanwhile, here's our very first story teaser to give you a sneak peek to the atmosphere of Wizard Quest!

- Hanna / Mana Giant

Youtube link | Pop Up
08-29-2013, 04:29 PM
Hi! We're happy to start sharing some bits from our game here. (:
So behold, a glimpse to Ruins of Exile, the first realm of the game.

Magus of Many / Mana Giant

08-29-2013, 11:58 PM
The trailer is so simple, does not talk more about the gameplay. I'm waiting for it.

Pine Entertainment