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App description: "8.0/10 - Impressive"

- IGN, Levi Buchanan

"A welcome respite from the sea of puzzle games, line-drawing clones, and racers that currently populate the App Store... Fans of the show will have a great time with this game.. .Expert recreations of not just characters and locations, but also the general Dexter atmosphere... Smartly combines conversation, stealth, police work, and creep-out kills." - IGN

"Dexter the Game has high production values that incorporate a good variety of challenging tasks and mini-puzzles... If you're a Dexter fan, the game is a solid adventure game that admirably captures the spirit of the series." - TOUCH ARCADE

"Dexter's video game debut is a solid overall experience... Whether you're a fan of the show or not, Dexter: The Game offers a good variety coupled with an exciting story. The game achieves a level of maturity rarely seen in iPhone titles, and is worth taking a stab at." - JOYSTIQ

"Dexter the game does a great job in telling and guiding you to the whole Dexter theme. To this alone, the game succeeds and is definitely worth the purchase." - THE APPERA

"(Dexter the Game) delivers a much deeper experience than the vast majority of games on the platform. It packs five plus hours' worth of play time, tons of voice acting, and lots of high quality CG cutscenes. Any gamer who's a big fan of Dexter will find plenty of enjoyment here." SLIDE TO PLAY


Dexter the Game is the killer 3D iPod Touch / iPhone game based on the Showtime Original Series. Dexter Morgan is a serial killer. Driven by his need to kill, maintaining his average-guy façade has never been easy. He spends his days as a blood spatter analyst for the Miami police department, but its after hours when Dexter is able to fulfill the needs of his dark passenger, exacting his own brand of justice on those criminals who truly deserve to die.

In the game, help Dexter choose his next victims while always protecting his identity. Analyze crime scenes, uncover evidence and use stealth tactics to stalk your prey. Is the case best served by the courts or the Dark Passenger? The outcome of every choice and action revolves around the Code of Harry: only kill the guilty, maintain the mask, and above all, dont get caught!



- Hours of gameplay with tense action in 3D environments as Dexter stalks his prey .

- Over 1100 lines of dialogue, including original voiceovers from Michael C. Hall.

- Includes an original storyline with writing by series producer Tim Schlattmann.

- Next-Gen 3D engine allows for multiple cameras: first person, 3rd person; pinch the screen to fully customize your view between First and 3rd person.

- Multiple control modes: tilt to move, Dual yokes, single yoke, multi-touch. Play Dexter the way you want!

- Advanced dynamic audio support, includes ducking and 3D sound.

- Exclusive Blood Spatter analysis game just like Dexter does it on the TV series.

- Context sensitive controls allowing you to perform complex actions with a tap of the screen. Scale fences, pick locks and decode passwords.

- Developed to take advantage of signature features such as the touch screen, accelerometer and recent iPhone 3.0 additions.

ImNoSuperMan's comments:

EDIT: Impressions and reviews.....

Wont work with less than 3.0 firmware
Originally Posted by Carnifex928 View Post
..I guess the developers didn't check to insure compatability of the game with the OS 2.2.1 while they were rushing to make sure that it ran fine under OS 3.0...
Hodapp`s micro mini, shortest of the short impressions
Originally Posted by Hodapp View Post
Holy moly this game is impressive, I see what they've been working on for the past year now. This feels more like a PS2 game than an iPhone game.
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Originally Posted by Big Albie View Post
Overall, Dexter the Game has high production values that admirably incorporate a good variety of challenging tasks and mini-puzzles. Understandably, with this type of game, the replay value is limited, but what is there should take a while to complete. The timed challenges are not the easiest, but they won’t strain your brain like some of the mini-puzzles. If you’re a Dexter fan, the game admirably captures the spirit of the series. For others, watching the show or reading the books first may make sense prior to playing the game. Either way, this is a solid adventure game that the devs will continue to build on with additional installments.

Albie Meter: 4 Stars (recommended highly for Dexter fans; unfamiliar with certain story elements, non-fans may find the content on the morbid and profanity-laced side; high-production values, good mix of mini-puzzles and task-oriented activities; engaging storyline in a slower-paced adventure game)
And now the rest of us average folks impressions here...
Originally Posted by Manathilian View Post
Well, the start menu looks just like some sort of DVD menu. Dexter is fully voiced by the actor who plays him on the show! He even speaks in-game to with is little monologues. Heck, even the tutorial instructions are narrated by a voice actor (but not Dexter's of course, he only needs to voice his character).

The default controls are just like those of your average FPS, with a slight exception: you can turn left and right with the left pad as well as move forward and backward (similar the the Resident Evil 4 game); the right pad allows you to control just the camera, of course. If you go the the options menu, you can change the controls to enable strafing (which would be standard FPS controls) and you can even switch the camera from 3rd to 1st person point-of-view! ZOMG! Difficulty level can also be changed from the options menu. The framerate is good and the graphics are great but not quite as polished as those of Gameloft's Modern Combat: Sandstorm. The music is perfect. Very cinematic yet peaceful enough to allow the tracks to loop without distinguishing where each track begins or ends.

At the top of the screen there is a bar titled "journal." Touching this opens up Dexter's mission journal, which contains info on your missions... duh.... There appear to be a total of 5 missions/cases to take on; the first being the case of Mike Donovan and the other 4 are labeled "unknown" and should be unlocked later. Within each folder is an objectives table, containing a list of your most recent objectives for the case; as well as an evidence table telling you how many pieces of evidence you have collected out of the total number that may be collected (the first case appears to have three important pieces of evidence).

When you come in contact with an item or object of interest, some context sensitive icons will be revealed on the right, allowing you to interact with the object by examining it or taking it. New objectives may appear once you find certain items.

Using items to interact with the environment also utilizes context sensitive controls to complete each task. For example, the first one was picking up a shovel and digging, which required you to quickly tap the left and right corners of the screen in quick succession in order to complete that action.

I've only played a small bit of this game so far, but I have a good feeling and high hopes for the rest of this game! I'll post more impressions once I've had more time to play it.
Originally Posted by Manathilian View Post
Wow! I just got my first victim! The game lets you choose which tool you want to use: a knife, bonesaw, or a cleaver.... The conversation where you are interrogating your victim into confessing his crimes is very intense, fully voiced, interactive, and very cinematic. The conversation mode allows you to choose one of three types of responses to whatever is said to you: a dark, neutral, and light type of response.

Killing your victim is also takes an interactive form as well, in which you slash and stab across the screen in the fashion indicated on the screen. With each successful slash/stab, you lower you "Dark Passenger Score", which numerically quantifies and represents the magnitude of Dexter's dark urges....

I'd also like to add that you are able to save your game using the answering machine at Dexter's very detailed apartment (you can also check messages with the answering machine too, which are of course fully voiced and give you new objectives). If you walk to the television and watch it, you'll be treated to a music video-collage of several TV series, including Dexter, of course.

Dexter's appartment also allows you to train and practice certain skills for a limited number of times, such as lock-picking skills (which may be practiced on a series of dummy locks) or password hacking (on his computer). Both skills are very creatively implemented minigames and quite fun.

Also, I forgot to add that you are able to travel from location to location by using your GPS which may be accessed by pressing the "GPS" icon next to the "Journal" icon.

So far, I am very impressed by the way this game is turning out! I'll update with more impressions later.
Originally Posted by Manathilian View Post
It's got a little bit of everything and never ceases to keep you entertained. You have several minigame-like gameplay sessions (lock-picking, computer hacking, blood spatter analysis, fingerprint matching, DNA matching, etc), full 3D environments to explore and interact with, some stealth elements, fully voiced dialogue in which you have control over every choice and response Dexter makes during conversations, you have options to choose where you want to go and what you want to do. Aside from the great variety of minigames, this game reminds me most of a game called Indigo Prophecy for the PS2 due to its high level of interactivity with the environment and ability to fully control the choices your character makes in conversations.

Overall, I am very impressed with the variety and depth of this game. You can tell that the developers really loved the TV series and have been able to capture the essence of Dexter to a level that no other movie/TV based game (that I know of) has been able to accomplish before.
Originally Posted by sparkles61785 View Post
The graphics are stunning (superior to Gangstar, but this game has a polised animated look similar to Wall-E. Sorry for my bad description). You have the ability to roam around. The storyline continues as you interact with the environment. So if you want to explore, you have that option. The audio quality is amazing!!! The "tutorial" is done with the assistance of a voice over. The voice over is crisp and clear. All of the music from the show is used from the game. Seems great so far.
Originally Posted by capnjiggins View Post
After the first mission this game really starts to open up. You have access to the Miami Police Dept, your apt and other locations that are available from the GPS system. In a sense it does somewhat feel like free roaming, but you just select which area you wish to go to. The more and more I play this, the more I realize just how much effort they've put into this. this feels like a console game...easily psp quality. I'm predicting this will be a killer app.

By the way, there is full profanity in both text and speech...that's something quite new for games on the idevices. Alright, going to play somemore...
Originally Posted by spider76 View Post
Just played through the first level , took about half an hour but I am crap at sneaking bits lol. Quite creapy as the voice acting and music are very well done. Gameplay is slow so don't expect a hack n slash type game but this does add to the overall tension. I have never seen the program so didn't really know what to expect so I was pleasantly surprised at the depth of the game. Controls are a bit hit n miss to start with but once you get into the pace of the game they work very well . Overall a definate keeper . 8/10.
Another Review by Helix

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Almost 400MB!!!!

I'm gonna need two iPods to store it all on
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Awesome! I've been waiting a long time for this, although I must say, the graphics look slightly downgraded.

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It's about time! looks AMAZING!
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graphics look amazing to me!

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Rated 17+!!!
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its gonna have to wait, i burned through $17 of my $20 already

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