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Adrenaline Golf Online: Lots of content, Lots of problems.

09-20-2009, 07:58 PM
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Adrenaline Golf Online: Lots of content, Lots of problems.

Price: 0.99 (sale)
Developer: Eurocenter
Link: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=328078007&mt=8

There is only one mini golf course here in my state and I love to play mini golf so a mini golf app would be perfect right? So I picked up Adrenaline Golf Online.

There are 4 courses each with different elements.

Waicoco Islands: A tropical themed course with a pretty ocean and beach balls scattered throughout.

Jungle Island: A jungle filled with rocks, trees, and chutes.

Teekee Moon: A night course with giant tiki statues, drums, moving objects.

Volcano Beach: A volcano with lava pouring down it.

Each hole is different then the last and no two hole are alike. Each course contains 18 holes.

There is also 3 game modes.

Classic: Go through all 18 holes and get the lowest score possible.

Star Hunter: You have collect all the stars before you can get into the hole.

Crazy Challenge: You start off with only 5 strokes allowed. With every hole completed you get 3 extra strokes.

There is even 2 control methods:

1. A gauge to pick the power percentage than click to shoot.

2. A slider to slide your finger up the power bar. The higher up the higher the power.

The gameplay is pretty good but has a few problems. First off, the physics are off. The ball rolls forever like it's on a sight downhill slope. Sometimes the ball should bounce off an angle but bounces straight back to you. Also it has a few visual glitches like a wall that should stop at the ramp it still continues through. Also the punnishing difficulty is very annoying. Don't be surprised if you are +30 due to the physics and the layouts.

Visually this is the most stunning golf game in the app store. On my 3GS the visuals were sharp and very pleasing to look at. The water effects was a very nice feature. A had minor lag problems but these were almost unnoticeable.

The music is very well done but gets repetative very fast. Each track is only 4 minutes long at most and there is only 1 track per level. Other than that it's all pretty average.

Adrenaline Golf Online offers a pretty good golf experience. With a major update this could be the best golf game avalible. For 0.99 it's still a good buy it just needs a little work.

Coming later this week: iBlast Moki, Above and Beyond, Duke Nuke'em 3D version 1.1, and geodefense swarm.

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