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Arachnadoodle- You would get this if Peggle and Bryce Manor had a child

12-08-2009, 04:43 PM
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Arachnadoodle- You would get this if Peggle and Bryce Manor had a child

Arachnadoodle is the latest game by Connect2Media, a developer who has brought the App Store other gems like Go Go Rescue Squad and Timeloop. I went into the game expecting fun, and my expectations were definitely met and exceeded.

The first thing you notice when you open up the app is the fun art style. The graphics just pop out at you and the animations very well done. Well onto the gameplay. The best way to describe this game would by a hybrid between Peggle and Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor. Your goal is to create a web and catch as many flies as possible while at the same time going over every peg on the board above your spider. This is handled by launching into the air hitting the pegs by just dragging away from your spider to determine power and angle. For every peg you hit a length of web is created that spans to the next peg you hit, and a web goes from that peg to the next and so on. Your web keeps going until you hit the ground. You have a certain number of launches to hit every peg and after all the launches are used or all pegs are hit a horde of flies comes and you watch to determine how good your web was by seeing how many flies it catches. You build a strong web by creating lots of web while keeping a high density. After all your throws are gone your web strength is determined via a percentage and the higher the strength the more flies you catch. The swarms that fly through your web consist of bluish grey, green, and purple flies. Bluish Grey is worth the least amount of point but easiest to catch, green is medium in points and difficulty, and purple gives the most points but is the hardest to catch. Scattered around the dots are various small bugs that give you extra launches or points if you hit them while launching your spider. As you progress through the game different powerups and things to hurt you appear. Like in level 6 an exploding bug appears. Some dots act differently as well, for example one special type of dot slings you around instead of you going straight over it. More things like bumpers, furniture that you can stick to, and lights that will fry you also appear later in the game.

There are at least 32 levels in the game (Could be more, I have not completed all of them.) There is a good amount of variety in the levels, and playing each level does not feel repetitive. Each level also has its own leaderboard via Open Feint so that adds a lot of replay value. The game also comes with 4 achievements; this is a bit on the low end but not a big deal. Direct Challenges through open feint could really compliment this game. The sound effects are nice and fit the game nicely; however the music can feel kind of out of place. The game has iPod connectivity so if youíre not a fan of it you can listen to your own. Also when you hit a wall the spider leaves the screen before it makes contact and bounce off, I would prefer if the edges of the screen were the walls that way it would be easier to make a shot that bounces of the wall.

Overall Iím having a great time with the game. The gameplay is extremely original and the nice artwork compliments it fantastically. Everything from the backgrounds to actual sprites are eye candy. This game could easily become another pick up and play classic. You can really tell Connect2 put a ton of effort into this. From the flawless feint integration to the zoom in, slo-mo final peg effect (IE Peggle) the production values are extremely evident. Physics are spot on as well. This game is just flat out fun and I would recommend it to pretty much anybody with an iPhone or iPod Touch, especially fans of Peggle will absolutely love this game.

Gameplay: 46/50
Graphics/Artwork: 10/10
Sound and Music: 6/10
Presentation/Polish: 10/10
Replay Value: 5/10
Performance (Stability, Bugs, etc): 10/10


Get it Here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/arachnadoodle/id340419607?mt=8

Ways to Improve the game: Direct Challenges via Feint, Better tutorial explaining how to build a strong web and whatnot, Screen Boundaries=Wall

Review by Will090

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