App description: Join It - Jigsaw Puzzle lets you vividly experience assembling a jigsaw puzzle anywhere you can take your iPad, iPhone or iPod. Absolutely intuitive controls bring the game close to it's real life counterpart.

A myriad of difficulty options make the game playable for all levels and ages with the comfortable play remaining constant throughout.

While developing Join It we sought to take full advantage of the capabilities of a multi-touch screen in order to bring the game closest to reality. We are confident players will have as much fun with Join It as we had creating it.


1. Unique and intuitive controls
2. Four different puzzle shapes
3. New images can be added directly from the Photo Library or from other online sources
4. Puzzles with up to 500 pieces on the iPad and with up to 300 on the iPhone
5. Zooming functions
6. A selection of 130 HD images in the in-app inventory
7. A variety of backgrounds to chose from
8. Timer and top score tracking
9. Game Center Support - 4 Leaderboards: Total Score, Best Game Result, Number of Puzzles Solved and Total Gaming Time


-Reference picture can be hidden with the top slider in the Settings menu
-Sticking can also be turned off in the same Settings



Join It allows you to use a variety of gestures and features for interesting, realistic game play.
- One-Finger Movement & Rotation - Touch one side of the puzzle piece to move, rotate or join it to another.
- Direct Movement & Rotation - Touch the puzzle piece with one finger and game table with another to move with more control.
- Pinch to Zoom - Use two fingers to zoom the game table in or out as with usual iPad images.
- Magnetic Pieces - Two connecting pieces join together with magnetic force when close to each other.
- Destroy the Heap - Double tap to scatter the initial proposed puzzle apart to start game play or to scatter a heap of pieces.
- Grab & Move - Use three to five fingers to move a number of pieces at a time or to put some aside in a heap.
- Reference Image Sticking Optional helping tool that can be turned on or off in the Settings, permitting players to place puzzle pieces directly on the original image. If correctly placed, the pieces will lock into position to facilitate assembly.


Please visit Join It - Jigsaw Puzzle game website for detailed feature information. Also we appreciate all your feedbacks, so please send us your comments either on Join It - Jigsaw Puzzle website or right here on the App Store.

Special thanks to Alice (12 years old) and Michael (3 years old) for their contribution of jigsaw puzzle usability testing, thereby helping us to make this puzzle game so wonderful.

gum-rustam's comments:
I know there are a lot of Jigsaw Puzzle fans. If you are one of them you have probably tried different puzzle apps and have your own opinion on how it should be done and which functions must contain. All this happens because each of those applications has a lack of some functions or problems with moving pieces of puzzle. Now d-Studio has solved this problem for you and has made Join It - Jigsaw Puzzle.
Join It is a beautifully designed game created specially for iPad. This app contains all best features you like and has absolutely new system of moving of pieces.
Now I with describe everything one by one. Join It is the game made in full to simulate a real jigsaw puzzles and in the same time be very simple. The main advantage of this game in compression to other similar is the most vivid and comfortable control of puzzle pieces. All you need is just to touch a piece and you can easily move, rotate or locate it as you please. And all these actions can be done without any extra buttons! But nevertheless, d- Studio considered that making of a new controlling wouldnʼt be enough and decided to provide some extra features like Grabbing, when you can take and move as many pieces as you wish with a simple gesture, or Destroying of the heaps, which provides dispersion of the pieces on double clicking.
Join It interface looks like an photo album where all jigsaw puzzles are stored. The picture library have 50 preloaded HD pictures that will be interesting for both adults and children. Join It gives user possibility create a puzzle that ranges from 4 pieces to 300 pieces.
The gameplay of the game doesnʼt contain anything that could bother user while he is working on a puzzle. Pleasant sounds, changeable backgrounds and high score table are also available in the game.
That is about it though, I am completely satisfied with this game and think that it can easily become the best Jigsaw Puzzle app.

'Join It' Website
'Join It - Jigsaw Puzzle' on App Store
12-06-2010, 09:54 AM
I really like Art Puzzles HD, but this does look nice, and a little different if you can rotate pieces. I'll add this to my wishlist.

12-07-2010, 03:33 PM
I've played Join It assembling 300 pieces puzzle
Before I did not believe it is possible to play such game on iPad. Even if pieces are not rotatable.
But I've assembled 300 of freely rotated pieces in 1 HOUR, and only with one finger!
Join It - the best jigsaw puzzle app on iPad I ever seen!

The only thing - it would be nice to organize in some way collection of the pictures.
12-09-2010, 12:18 PM
Join It - Jigsaw Puzzle for Free

I have just noticed new information on [URL=""]Join It - Jigsaw Puzzle Website[/URL] that there will be a One Day Free Events for 'Join It' in December.
12-09-2010, 12:20 PM
Pardon me... There will be 3 Free Day Events in December =)

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12-17-2010, 07:54 PM
I grabbed this when it went free the second time. It is pretty nice. It does take some getting used to the pieces being able to rotate. It's not the easiest, but you touch a piece and then with a second finger touch the screen to rotate the piece. It does seem like sometimes I'll pick a piece and it will start rotating, but for the most part it's done pretty well.

The interface is nice, though the analog clock is huge and really only has a minute hand with seconds hand moving, so it was strange at first. I ended up with the digital one, which is smaller (you can opt for no clock). The picture you are trying to solve is on the table, you place the pieces over it. You can adjust the opacity of the picture, and you can choose to have pieces lock in place on the picture itself when they are pretty close (I do like that feature in this case). You can also zoom and drag the puzzle around to focus on an area as well.

There are over 50 puzzles that are included, but you can also choose your own photo from your library, which is really neat. It does save progress.

I think that "puzzle trays" to put like colored pieces onto would be a great addition to the game - perhaps drag like colored pieces to one or more trays, which could then be accessed. Right now, you can drag pieces around on the table, which works just fine, of course.

I still prefer ArtPuzzles HD right now, but I think I'll end up playing this quite a bit as well, especially given the ability to create your own puzzles.
01-04-2011, 08:40 AM
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01-10-2011, 08:17 AM
to secondtime:

Thank you for your review. We really appreciate it!
Our team is glad that you like our Puzzle.
We will take in mind all your suggestions and thoughts and will try to make Join It - Jigsaw Puzzle the best jigsaw puzzle app on App Store =)

Hopefully, you all will enjoy the next versions of Join It - Jigsaw Puzzle for iPad.

Join It team
01-19-2011, 09:18 AM
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