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Underplayed games & hidden gems

03-09-2012, 01:36 AM
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Underplayed games & hidden gems

Please feel free to list some of your own "hidden gems" and let's get em out there so they start becoming less hidden. Post whatever games you feel fit the above description whether it's a list or has descriptions etc..(descriptions more helpful) * note please refrain from posting links that are seperate from the name and description as it takes up space etc..

This list is made up of comments from numerous people including myself.. If you want credit for it ill be happy to leave what you post in quotes(this hasn't been necessary as the original posts can be found in the thread and this list created for easy viewing to the members and public etc...)

*Devs are also welcome to post here...to share game info etc...
Finally, putting your games in bold also helps(I'm in the process of doing it for the rest)

The "List"

Xenome, this fallout like game was fun and felt ridiculously massive, and at 99 cents you can't beet it.

Chocorun - For using a unique one-touch control system, probably the best Super Meat Boy-like, IMO

Bug Heroes - I always thought this never got the popularity it deserves.

Meganoid - Another one of my favorite platformers

Pet Shop Girl - a match-3 game combined with time management elements that is seriously not loved enough

Pig Flick - a casual arcade game where you control three pigs running down three different lanes, collecting coins and avoiding obstacles. Each level is very short and so it encourages you to replay it multiple times to get the perfect score.

Super Bit Dash - A semi endless runner where you swipe in different directions to navigate the level and get past obstacles. The controls are tricky at first but once you get used to it it's really fun.

Ranch Rush - A really fantastic time management game where you build a farm while filling orders. Way better than most of the time management games on the appstore.

ASYNC Corp - A match three game where you are swapping pieces between two sides of the screen. Has a lot of unlockable stuff and quirky style.

Crazy Hedgy-best 3D platformer out there and by far one of the best games on the app store. Just hasn't gotten a ton of recognition

Slam Dunk King-this one's free(mium, though iAPs are way more optional), but it's a heck of a lot of fun.

Tank Battalion Blitz-this one's published by a big name (Namco!) but it never has been spotted anywhere on the charts or in these forums or in reviews (bar one) that I've seen. Probly the best tank game available from what I've seen.

Curvebot-not sure how to describe it best, but it's a lot of fun.

Gameloft Sports Pack-It's by Gameloft, but never has really took off the ground that I've seen. Or it just hasn't when I've been on iOS. Either way, it has 3 quality sports games and is a load of fun.

Sir Benfro's Brilliant Balloon is a gorgeous touch to fly game with hand drawn levels.

Vikings slice - it's a copy of ice slice by nitrome but even better controls in my opinion. Though cloning is wrong, it's very fun. You slice pieces of ice to knock Vikings into the ship using puzzle strategy
There's a Free lite version

Joining hands - not super hidden, but it didn't get anywhere near the amount of recognition that it should have!
You have to make all the characters join hands, set on a hexagon board, different characters have different personalities.. Emos need to be a space away from everyone else, some have 1,2,3,4, or 5 hands, some hands rotate others are fixed, ghosts must also be away from the others. Very fun game..played it through twice

Puddle puzzles- total hidden gem..found it by mistake and I love it
Puzzler with water physics - only game I've seen with that mechanic.you got to get puddles into the warp hole whilst he is floating in water..you have to rotate your device to move the water around, and activate switches and stuff to get puddles to the warp hole.There's a Free lite version

Juice belts - really fun puzzler..very unique..it's a shame it got no updates
It's a physics puzzler involving juice..you have to get the fruit into the blenders to make juice , you add elements ( like with feed me oil and caseys contraption) to the scene to make the fruit end up in the blender

Rotate & roll - this is fun as..was popular ages ago but not so much now
you have to rotate your phonebaround to control a little guy to collect the stars without falling out of the world. Based on a flash game

Construction zoneis the same as rotate, used to be popular, not so much now..It's kinda like simple physics but more in depth.. You need to build buildings ..if you like moonlites or world of goo you'll love this.
There's a Free lite version for HD

Moonlights - similar to world of goo..but there's no characters like goo balls, you just have to build the correct structure that'll with stand the wind and reach the moon. There's a Free lite version

Trundle - alternate sort of puzzler, kinda abstract like Wog and contre jour, you need to get the trundle to the other side of the screen .. There's a Free lite version

Darkness Rush:Saving princess - Unreal powered endless runner that looks beautiful and goes for something different other than jump and collect. you can attack some obstacles, temporarily fly and transform into a werewolf/vampire for more power/flight.

Osiris Legends - 3d RPG designed for wii and psp but they lost budget and decided to port it to iOS, plays a bit like the tales games with its separate screen for battles, but very active attack and dodge system with skills. Long game as well.

Vertex Blaster - great 2 stick shooter in the vein of geometry wars, with 3 game modes including one protection mode where you have to stop towers getting attacked and heal them up by changing weapon, nice spin. Icing on the cake is support for icontrolpad analogue sticks

Final Run - maybe not a gem as it hasnt been out very long, but as far as i can tell no-one noticed it. Its a 3d driving game where some levels are exploration based, some challenges are speed based and some are combat based with car base and zombie enemies. extremely well polished

First Touch Soccer - It was easily better than Fifa 11 and I haven't played Fifa 12, but I doubt it's that far away from that. It got under the radar cause of Fifa obviously, but it's just so damn good! Only problem is that it isn't licensed by FIFA so you have to import kits there yourself.

Spongebob's Fun Time - When people see the name Spongebob, I doubt it gives them high expectations unless you're under 10, but this one's actually a really good puzzle game! Heck Gamezebo even gave it 5/5 and I couldn't agree more! It's like Angry Birds meets Peggle which has been made before if I'm right, but it really works in this. The levels are so random when you hit a jelly, it can take other jellys down leading in to total epic mess. There's also nice power ups that you can buy!

Hypership Out Of Control - This one I've been praising quite a lot, but for a reason! It's so much fun since the game focuses more on speedy flying and dodging rather than shooting. New update made it even better!

Pawn'd - Match-3 game with chess pieces, nuff said! Basically you move the gems like chess pieces. Move the horse gem like a horse pawn. There's 3 modes which all are different and unique and there's no boring "classic" match-3 game. Has beaten Dungeon Raid in hours lately although it doesn't quite match there.

Modern Combat 3 - I know what you're thinking... This is not a hidden gem. Okay, maybe it's not hidden and maybe it's not a shiny gem, but it is a gem inside still. People are overlooking it because of framerate issues and bugs, but even though there are some, it's still the most fun multiplayer experience so far on an iOS device imho!! So much fun, best shooter on handheld devices hands down.

Wizpin is an amazing game that should have got a lot more praise and players then it did. It was noticed for about a week then shrunk out of existence. This game is a must have for its unique gameplay and nice animations.

Push Panic-Possibly the most frantic and enjoyable puzzle game on the App Store. How this didn't get as much attention as it should have is no ones clue but it is a must for anyone.

Bring Me Sandwiches -So this game got the top game for a week and now is no where to be seen. It's an amazing game with a great story, huge amount of content and brilliant gameplay.

Kosmo Spin -Although Simogo are well know now Kosmo Spin is still a game AI never hear mentioned at all. The gameplay is amazing and it is so unique. I found it better than I found their latest games.

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03-09-2012, 01:36 AM
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Underplayed games & hidden gems

INFINITY PROJECT 2. This is an open world post apoctoliptic shooter, with side quest and an inventory system, perks are given through suits, this sifi fps epic feels like halo and fallout had a baby!!!

Mission Europa ce, this system shock rpg dungeon crawler is amaizing, wih thousands of wepon types and armors this 60+ hour game is awesome...

Flower Board - you have to group six or more balls together to dismiss them. Every round new balls are random added and you have to try, to survive as long as possible. Really relaxing game with really (really!!!!) relaxing shopping-mall/elevator music.

The quest, as a big old school rpg player I was sucked in to arena and daggerfall, this is there turned based cousin. Miss Claire Garden - One of the most polished platformers on iOS, IMO. Reminiscent of old platformers like Super Mario Bros. 2, but with it's own flavor as well.

Auditorium - Puzzle game. Direct streams of light (sound?) to a specified goal(s). Really nice music.

- text based adventure game engine. It's bundled with some free adventure games but you can also play old Infocom classics

The Quest - not really unknown but it's an old classic 3D RPG many people probably missed it. It's free roaming sort of like a 2D version of Elder Scrolls.

Real Ski Jump HD - Ski Jump game made by the creator of Sonic

The little crane that Could - sort of a 3D crane simulator where you have to drive a crane and perform various tasks with real physics.

Feed me Oil
- not exactly unknown but I think it's one of the best liquid puzzle games. I like it better than where's my water which gets a lot more attention.

Windowsill - I dont know how to describe it but it's just an amazingly interesting game. Maybe more like a toy than a game.

Vector Racing - vector graphics racing game very simple but kind of fun

Black shades - FPS sniper game

Critter chaos - a pretty fun physics puzzler game kind of like world of goo meets angry birds, consists of flicking goo together with balls to solve puzzles..

PerfEct cell - a game this good should be alot more popular, you control a tiny ball of something that's alive and stuck in some lab. You goal is to escape by killing the army thats holding u in there. You can spit yourself up. Draw lines of where u want to go before you do it.. A really great game that u should play

Slingshot racing - ok I know this isnt hidden but I feel it starting to slip into that reigon... I think with a game this good it should have more staying power.. I guess its the lack or multiplayer... Oh well(recenty has been updated

Army of Darkness: tower defense. Like the other poster said, it's very addictive

Shadow Era: TCG. Beautiful designs, very competitive field, deep strategy.

Jangle: word game. It's only five 30-second rounds against the computer or an online/local opponent in real time. Very fast paced and challenging.

Poker Kingdom: Chinese poker. Has an online multiplayer mode, but never used it.

Toon shooter: this is a superfun shmup with pleasing graphics and creative gameplay (2 player co-op on same device, c'mon).

(absolutely fantastic J-RPG that offers hours and hours of gameplay)

Onslaught! (great action game for "retro 2D" graphic fans)

Legends of Yore - AWESOME retro rouge like.

SEI - it's like Tetris and Scrabble at the same time.

8 - Bit Rally
- more like Sega CD rally!

Battle for Cydonia - sort of a mix of... dare I say Command & Conquer?... and a console version (read: the Genesis/SNES versions) of Battletech.

Pixel Ninja - this is what Tenchu for the PSOne would have been like if it was on the SNES.

4 tenors - in this hilarious 4 played same device multiplayer game, your object is to knock off the other tenors and steal the spotlight.

Ziggurat - in this overlooked real time defense game your standing on a hill protecting it shooting down enimies.

Roboto - this I a higquality platformer that is seriously underplayed, it's up there with the best, check it out.

Pigs in trees - another cool game where u fly around as a pig in a plane defending ur base from birds...

Siege hero - this game was awesome, the day it cane out it had consistent high reviews.... The first chapter is ok, it's the second chapter where the game gets really good. It's a first person angry birds basically. At first it was just about shooting down the enemy but evlved into this really great combo of shooting and puzzle elements. It hasn't gotten an update in a awhile so I feel like alot of people are missing this one...(ok this was Finnaly updated a few weeks ago with the age of cowboys - it offererred the same great gameplay as in the previous chapters)

Finger Shot Rpg - for as much love and hype as it's gotten recently I didnt wanna add it but even with that added hype I still feel the game is getting the love it deserves, turn-based multiplayer with multiple characters and slingshot mechanism...its amazing

Gunman Clive - for as a good a game it is.. I don't see it getting enough attention... I think it's the graphics that make this one really stand out to go along with the addicting Megaman- style gameplay.

Areomasters -
this game is underlooked for being as polished as it is, a great dds...

Puzzle sphere - another great overlooked puzzeler

Coliseum heroes - or Coloseum two versions of bassicly the same game, reason being the original developer want getting the sales he needed so he turned to gamevil. It's an arena hack and slash that's fun and engrossing also challenging...hard to put down.

Revolt - this came out in 2011? For 2.99 ur getting ur money's worth

Onibi - it's a puzzle game infused with music and really great for the time it lasts..

Princess pajama - it's free and has a perfect 5 from 50 people

Raon defenders
- haven't played this one either but looks good

Coco loco - for being a chilingo game similar to angry birds I'd think this would be a bad thing.. But actually it's not, its a pretty fun slinging game..

Army or darkness - this game won't let u stop playing until uve best it, that addictive

Dragons rage - not sure what happened to this game it was for a time pretty huge. You control. Dragon move him around 360• with the acceleramator while blowing fire at swarms of people coming to get u, kind of a nice twist being the dragon with an awesome gameplay mechanic

Monster Island - Ok as far is I'm concerned this is Miniclips best game it's a juiced up Fragger that relies alot more on puzzle strategy by switching between what to throw.

Early bird - this game was insanely popular awhile ago and free.. Kind of like the old temple run or JPJR well it just got it's first update a little while ago in along time. Don't be fooled into thinkging its an AB rip. It's one of the the few legit bird games with a compeletly new gameplay mechanic.

flaming igglo - it's a really complicated tdesque game where ur try to keep ir igloo from burning down while shooting a ship, playing around with a bunch of animals and throwing ice cubes and snowballs...

Worms golf - this is a fun mix between worms and golf plays kind of like super stick man golf except you can play multiplayer with the worms taking turns..

Reckless Getaway - though theyre probly known for their success with reckless racing, reckless getaway just might be the better game... Running from the cops in a 2d down perspective while manuvering around traffic... It's insanely fun...

- I think I need to remind people that this game is probly still one of the best games on iOS and came up with a complete new game mechanic that left people speechless, and it still offers that same expierience now.

Sugar Kid - Well I had a good amount of fun with this game. It features touch based line drawing puzzle gameplay. The objective is to protect the sugar kid from from dropping liquids by using lines to redirect where the flow of water(or other liquids) drops down to. This isn't the whole game though some levels require you to aim the liquid at sugar kid, some you need to fill in grids. Another aspect of thr gameplay is the ability to stop sugar kid by touching him as he walks back and forth. To sum it up the game looked to have everything need needed to be a hit, fun addicting and different gameplay, published by Bulkypix.. Unfortunately the game fell under the radar before it was even released.

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03-09-2012, 01:36 AM
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Underplayed games & hidden gems

Underworlds, if you like diablo this is such a clone you will forget your not playing diablo, even more diablo like than dungeon hunter

Clash Force, great little retro style platformer.

'Final Run' Please check that out, small indie group have created it, great 'mad max' style world and you're in a car with the usual weapons etc, great little storyline, really enjoy it.

Battleheart-an arcade/rpg fighter in which you control four units and try and survive waves of monsters.

Enviro-bear 2010-you control a bear in a car. 'Nuff said.

Dungeon raid-kind of like a match 3+ game. You draw lines through various items to accumulate equipment and health to help defeat monsters.

Clash Force - another great hidden gem is . AWESOME retro action platformer!

Nihilumbra, been enjoying that a lot lately

Call of mini: zombies -Only 99c, and is a lot funner then left2die IMO.It's a third person shooter using somewhat blocky textures (it's meant to be blocky.) it is made by triniti and is an arena shooter, it features online co op survival, a vs, in which you vs other people. You can upgrade weapons or buy new ones, if you shoot at the zombies, sometimes they explode.
You can also buy new characters to play as.

Hero Academy- Its basically all I play now. Deep tactics in a words with friends style package.

Urban Rivals - Multiplayer card game. Very cool art.

Star Breed - 'Choose your own adventure' style, with a couple minigames.

Russian Dancing Men - Tap to avoid obstacles. Funny cutscenes and music.

Battle Monster Casino - Collect and train monsters to fight in a sort of 'battle royale' in the casino. Place bets with credits you earn on the monster you think will win. Oddly addicting.

Zombie Parkour Runner/Zombie Runner Z Best runners involving zombies!

Beauty Run don't let the name turn you off, it's a great runner that offers a unique gliding mechanic, gets pretty challenging as well

Papercut great runner with a superb soundtrack and a constant day/night cycle that makes your running feel like a journey

Hoggy/Robot Wants Kitty great overlooked puzzle platformers

The Rainy Day Most relaxing runner out there, captures the ambiance of a rainy day on the street. You run away from rain drops, take shelter in once in a while and rescue lost pets. The goal is to reach your home without getting drenched. Recommended for the retro graphics and perfect ambiance

Continuity 2 - A great puzzle game set as a platformer. Great visual style and music. The puzzles can get frustratingly difficult though. [for some people this is a positive]

Cubes vs Spheres - You get spheres that you have a launch at an increasing number of cubes headed your way. Looks as crazy as it sounds, set in first person. Great graphics and a wide variety of sphere weapons. Smashing cubes is very satisfying

Zombie Smash - A horizontal TD of sorts. Defend against zombies coming your way. You have to kill zombies by physically picking them up or using special power ups. Lot of fun smashing zombies

Hard Lines - Snake with a great visual style and additional modes.

Mad Chef - A game similar to fruit ninja without the swiping. you need to get ingredients and complete recipes. Same dev as Bug Heroes. Additional modes and lots of upgrades

Axe in Face If anyone knows me or follows my tweets and posts they will be more than aware that this is my favorite game by a long shot. I have completed every level to the highest score possible and still play the game constantly. Good job they are making it Universal and adding a second level pack.

Jump Out - I know this game has finally gotten some popularity recently but I think I was one of the first people to have it... I'm mean there were a few reviews but nothing much. I felt the game was really good and was on par with any other physics based puzzler, or atleast had the potential to be. The game was finally updated recently with some new stuff but still nothing like I had hoped for... I'd still check it out though...

The Blackhole - it's a puzzle game that's similar I think to aZ more popular game with the same idea.I think The Blackhole just works better then the other game and has more depth (not quite sure of the name might have sumthing to do about germs or something?)

- well I don't know how well known his game really is but I do know that Ive never seen it mentioned and that its really fun. I guess it's kind of like a cave flyer? I dunno it's the kind of game where u take off and fly around trying to get to land on another spot while collecting stars, dodging things and even picking up and dropping stuff. It feels like it should be popular I dunno maybe it's old, but it has great gameplay controls , graphocs etc...(Ok this game was actually just rereleased under another title.. Sumthin like cave flyer or something,not sure but....I lol at everyone in the reviews not knowing it's an old game. Just Proves how buried good games can get)

Pollushot - probly the most unique game I've ever played combing the slingshot type physicals of a physics platformer with a shmup. You shoot enimies catch the damage and shootem again.

Buccaneer Blitz - It's one of those Rts games whEre ur constantly moving ( modern combat etc..) except this game takes place with boats in a fully 3d world with alot more interactivity. For example you get to control and shoot doWn other ships manually. There's alot more to it overall... The game is able to keep the simplicity of a fast pace Rts game whil still getting the player more Involved with what's going on.

Froggato -
this platformer which is actually probly on par with a snes platformer in terms of originality and gameplay. Is not ur average fast paced speed run type platformEr. And it's not Terra Noctis in fact I've only heard it mentioned a few times even on here before, and at 4.99 it's seems a bit overpriced but I highly recommend u check it out.

Axe in Face(simple line drawing defense game). Probly more recognized than anything Above but still a game I doubt many people have even heard of.

Shoot the birds - exactly what it sounds like... Shoot birds flying across the screen with ur Bow And arrow.....u play the role of a scarecrow

- like the game circadian, you push circles in the right order etc..

Dabble - a fun word game, I think I've seen some other variations of it..

Bitter sam - I feel like this game got over looked for some reason? It's similar to saving yellow and captain antaritica, except it came out awhile ago.

Rejoin - Im not quite sure how I found this game but when I did there was only about 100 other people with the game, now it has alot more. It's a really hard but fun puzzle game where u control two balls with one button and try to get them back together.

Stunt pear - I hadn't heard of this game until Gabrien from this forum reccomeneded it. It's the only game I've ever heard say good things about and thays saying something.

European war 3 - despite it's name this is actually a really fun strategical board game.. Where you do have control of armies in wars other than just Europe. In campaign you play in Wars spanning years across the world... For example you can play in the civil war and be the rebels or the north, you can play ww1, the American vs British war(forgot the name). In conclusion it's A great game with a bad game title..

Flyme2themoon - I think this was rereleased like eboo(now pod flyer or sumtuing?) was.. Anyways its actually alot like that game except it looks kind of like a Cave game. So it's a pod landing game with the design of a Cave shump.. Really good

Dungeons and such - a Textbook sytle Rpg that's suprisingly deep and enjoyable....

Piggy adventure - there's this game called the 3 sheep or something and it's alot like what this game is...except I find this one to be much better.

Haraki - not sure how to describe this one kind of like pong except you control two little people. I guess it's like raquet ball In 2d because ucan hit the sides and even go on the sides...

Fly with me - a good .99 game from EA that got overlooked and fell off the charts.. Not sure why it was a good game

Bang - the card game... Ok probly not that hidden but it's a cool game with some pretty deep multiplayer that doesnt get enough recognition..

Iron worm - this is a sequel two there other worm game... Except this one os about killing enimies,aybe they hoped that would make the game more popular ut it didn't sad because it's from 10 tons a well know developer and it's a good game as well

Squirmee Redux - a pretty old game that at one point in time was popular enough that it got a redux... Hard to describe the game but it's pretty difficult but

Revenge of the Rob-O-Bot-Awesome production values and currently on sale(11/24)
Yipe V...Wonderful RPG.
Lucky 11's by Megatouch (if this game had online leader boards it would be my number 1)
Slingo (Not hidden but fantastic)

Reiner Knizia's Poison - card game
Nimble Strong -bartender game
Diablo Dice
- dice throwing game
Volcano Island -- board game
Doodle Grub -snake game

Knighturn - turn based strategy
Fall of Angels -JRPG
Devil Invasion - match 3
Henry & the Psionic Overlords - world exploration board game RPG hybrid
Ninja Dino Showdown?! - sidescrolling tower defense

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03-09-2012, 01:36 AM
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Underplayed games & hidden gems

I'd like to add all the games made by Cipher Prime (Auditorium, Fractal, Splice and pulse)

Bar Oasis(1, 1.5 and 2) which are really well written and interesting despite not really being a game.

Skyriders: A very polished platformer (In space!) that is very underrated.

Beat Sneak Bandit: One of the best rhythm game ever made

Nihilumbra: A portal-esque puzzle platformer with a good story

Get Out of My Galaxy: A polished and fun multitouch experience from outer space with levels that can be compared to some planets of Super Mario Galaxy (albeit not with the same scope or design)

Vincere Totus Astrum and Orion:
Two really excellent 4x game

The Quest - it was mentioned before but I have to second it. This classic 1st person RPG is huge. How huge? The base game has over 50 hours of content and there are currently 14 high quality expansions with 20+ hours of gameplay each. You do the math.

One of my hidden gems is PDA Games
A LOT of great retro style platforming fun, apparently these were a mini game from 'Alien Hominid'
The apps dirt cheap, huge variety of levels, a lot of fun, love it

Necromancers Rising - A lengthy 1st person 3D macabre dungeon crawler. It was an excellent game for it time and is still great fun but was suppased in nearly everyway by is successor.....

Mission Europa - Bigger and better than Necromancer Rising, Europa has a slightly different sci-fi horror theme. Europa's storyline is improved over Necromancer and it also has online Multiplayer. Unfortunately however since its not a mainstream game you'll be hard pressed to find anyone online.

SilverFish / Silverfish Max (ipad) - Its a beautiful pac-man / geometry wars hybrid dont know how else to describe it...even the dev said it didnt make alot of money. its a shame cause the game is brilliant.

Project 83113 - is a brilliant mega man like title i dont hear much about one the top platformers on the ios imo.

Zombies - is a fantastic little gem that uses the graphic styles of SuperBrothers but they make a zombie twinstick out of it and has one of the best sound tracks ive heard in a while.

Sigma - one of the best match 3 titles on the ios it just didnt sell well so they never updated it, yet i still play it!!! You have wheels on each side with colored blocks and you can rotate each one to make a match you tap the block to swap it from one side to the other its harder then it sounds but a amazing game none the less with a high level of polish.

Gene Effect - there is Waking mars then there is this hidden gem Gene Effect its like Waking mars only way better imo, its got a excellent story that unfolds as you play it and is one of the most immersive games ive played with head phones on it needs to be played in the dark for the true effect. This game needs to experienced period if you like flying in a ship in sci-fi caves finding stuff and exploring then dl now.

Spell Rift - If you have a i device then you need to know the KiefferBros they make the most polished word games on the ios period and this new one kinda slipped out of no where its a successor to their brilliant Lexic/ABCA (it got renamed) game before it, if you like words games then give it a try they have added alot in this new title from them.

Aqueduct - KiefferBros again this time with a beautiful sliding puzzle game that gets TOUGH as you get through it, they did update to retina also dont miss this one.

Polara - i really hope people play this game, im sick of runners like everyone else but this game is a runner combined with Ikaruga (Ikaruga was a side scroller bullethell where you could absorb bullets depending on the color of your ship) it goes for the same here you can switch from red and blue and absorb the colors, if its your opposite you die , there are also ramps and things that can only be landed on if you are that certain color...

Food chain - LOL so random i know but if you ever liked Tetris Attack this as close to Tetris attack your gonna get its exact cept its food rather then shapes.

God of Blades - I dont know how popular it is, but its GOTY for me its that good they just added a online Revanant mode where it allows players with high scores to challenge you if hit that score you will encounter the players avatar and you try to defeat them, its a runner/rpg that uses art inspiration from old 1970s pulp fantasy novels, there is a great story and even makes you go to the library to use the in games Loremaster which allows you to check in with foursquare and it sees your at the library to unlock swords you could not unlock normally as you level up...the entire game is so unique and awesome words just dont do it justice.

Biolab Disaster. Really easy and short, but so fun. It's a sci-fi action platformer. Like I said, short and easy - but I personally had a lot of fun going through it. Much like the action and platforming (sans loot system) of Random Heroes, it is a charming throw back and retro love-letter to the games of the 8 and 16 bit era.

Bridge Constructor - you try to build durable bridges and than drive trucks and cars over them to see if they hold up.

BallAHolic - this game an awesome 3D platformer where you guide a worm like creature by moving the world around. It has multiple and great controls.

Shove Pro is another recent release that didnt get much attention. The game is so much fun to play. It's a runner game where your character runs facing you, and you shove people into your pursuers or other elements in the game to wrack up scores and multipliers. Im a little sad that it wasnt recognized much in the TA boards with it's potential and the fun it offers.

Chip Chain: Match 3 strategy game with Triple Town style. It is a new game but it's not getting attention. It's free but it abuse a little of IAPs.

Wheeler's Treasure: Great platformer with fresh gameplay. And it's free!

Zaga-33: Great rogue game which quick games are perfect to play with your iPhone.

Aliens versus Humans: Amazing XCOM game, with better gameplay in some areas than the new version of Firaxis.

LostStar Tactics: Great turn-based strategy game. It is well known in these forums, but it deserves more attention.

Tichu: One of the greatest card games ever with a solid implementation. Simple rules hard to master. There are almost no people playing it online, so go buy it and lets play 2 vs 2!

Pizza Boy- An excellent and challenging platforming game, and probably the closest iOS game you'll get to Super Mario. It also has excellent 16-bit graphics. And most importantly: The controls are as tight as a......umm......something really tight I guess......

Toy Defense- A tower defense game where your green toy soldiers have to prevent the grey ones from raiding your base. It's pretty straight forward, but there are tons of levels to beat, long and challenging ones.

Dino Cap 2- It's essentially Triniti's answer to Zombieville USA, but the game is still a LOT of fun. There are multiple heroes to buy and choose from, each having their own perks and weapons. You play different missions ranging from capturing Dino eggs, surviving for x seconds, fighting boss dinos, etc., each ranging in difficulty.

Brainsss- A unique RTS game where you control a group of zombies, and you must zombify all the humans in that area as quickly as possible.

Tiny Troopers- This game is really hard to explain, but it's fun. I highly recommend it.

Age of Zombies Anniversary- Okay guys... I'm about to BLOW. YOUR. MIND. You ready......? Halfbrick...has made games besides Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride. I KNOW RIGHT!!!!! Anyway, this was actually the first Halfbrick game I played. I got the original version on the PSP and I LOVED it, and was one of my favorite Minis on it. I eventually bought the Anniversary edition on my iPhone, and of course, it felt natural on touchscreen, though it's technically a port. Anyway, it's a really fun DSS where you kill zombies and get super high scores. There is a story mode (which is quite funny), and survival mode (which is quite fun). Give it a go.

VS. Racing 2- Hands down the best arcade racer in the app store. Period. It's just really fun, plenty tracks to race on, all with different terrain, cars to purchase, upgrade and customize, and the controls are PERFECT.

Apocalypse Max: Better Dead Than Undead- I can't believe most people haven't heard of this. It's half platformer, half shoot 'em-up. The comic style graphics are great, there are multiple difficulties, cool upgradeable weapons, and plenty of levels to kill zeds in.

Doodle Army- There is SO much fun to be had in this game. There are 7 missions to choose from, each drastically different in surroundings, and you keep moving and shooting until you get killed. Actually, you can go as far as you want, but the further you make it, the tougher the enemies get. Oh yeah, and the enemies and weapons are specific to the theme of whatever mission you play. And so are the mini games. Ah, the mini games, or sometimes referred to as boss battles. These, IMO, are the coolest and most fun parts of the game. They can range from surviving a zombie onslaught while in a bunker, to fighting in a plane overseas. It's just so epic, you want to keep coming back for "one more go."

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Underplayed games & hidden gems


Note... I am the developer, but I do really think it's a game that deserves attention. If you feel differently, definitely feel free to say. It's is a physics-based arcade game that turns the classic platformer on its head. Instead of controlling the character, you control the platforms.

Electric Box - It's is a solid puzzle game. Probably not well known game around here, but the levels are cleverly designed and you have to get the source of power to the target by placing bunches of items. It's free.

Super Knocked Out Boxing 2 - Great classic game. U can beat the game without IAP purchases.

Jaggy Race/AeroDrift - 3D racing game. Love the graphics and physics in this game, feels really great to play.

The Infinity Project 2 - feels like a mixture of fallout 3/halo and it has multiplayer but no one seems to play it at all,people should really play this game more

Xenome Episode 1 A third person post apocalyptic game which is a feel of WoW and fallout but it's solo so if you like 3rd person more than 1st get this instead of TFP2

I don't mean to be pushy, but u all need to play infinity project 2 by crazy robot games, it's an open world post apoctoliptic shooter in the veins of fallout 3 and new Vegas
It's only 99 cents for a short time!!!

One amazing hidden gem is Cook, serve, delicious!. A hardcore restaurant management simulator!

Hey, just thought I'd be cheeky and list our game, Forever Lost: Episode 1. It's been getting some great user reviews but I am sad to say that it is definitely underplayed. I guess it's up to you guys to decide if it really is a hidden gem :-)

A Little Turbulence - Retro Endless Top Down Cloud Flyer
Be2 - Escape From Pingland - Dungeon Crawling Pong Adventure
Doptrix - A Unique Tetris-inspired Puzzler
Four Winds Fantasy - All of this dev's games are a trip. RPG
Glitch Tank - Retro Strategy Boardgame
Globulous - Tetrisphere for iPhone
Horror Vaccui 2 - Retro Abstract Strategy Boardgame from the creator of The Last Rocket
Impossible Pixel - Retro Meatboy-esque Platformer
Infinite - Minimalist Planetary Obstacle Avoidance
Infinity Run 3D - An unoriginal but well-executed behind-the-back runner
Kale in Dinoland - Perhaps the most authentic and creative retro platformer on iOS
Magnetic Shaving Derby - Bizarre but entertaining retro-styled game from the creators of Forget.Me.Not
Mini Dash A poorly advertised but solid Meatboy-esque offering from Chillingo
Neutron - Three Dimensional Vector interpretation of the Tron Lightbikes
Nom Nation - The single greatest advertisement I have ever seen
Patientia - Another unique Tetris-inspired Puzzler
Polyroll - Brilliant Sonic-inspired Retro Platformer from the creator of Clash Force
Pygmies Hoglet EX - Excellent Tamagotchi-inspired RPG - now in color!
Railbot - A new but still little-known endless slider
Raptured - Tongue-in-cheek but nicely executed celebration of the end of the world by the creator of Danmaku Unlimited
Rogue Miner - Mining-themed Roguelike
Rogue Ninja - Ninja-themed Roguelike
Run, Jump, Kill! - Dark stylized Hack & Slash
Splishi Splashi - Colorful Retro interpretation of Mighty Fin
Squarescape - Minimalist Room Escape Puzzler
Super Durak - Beautifully Designed Card Game
Tactical Warrior Minimally Designed but sophisticated Strategy Game
The CATch! Behind-the-back Cat Runner

Final Run Its a great driving game, a bit like Mad Max where you have to shoot/damage other cars. Theres a great story to it with small cut scenes in between the different sections.
The graphics surprised me as they were far better than i thought from a small dev team. Post-apocalyptic type stuff i love and this game so far is pressing all the right buttons.

I want to mention Hill Climb Racing, which a lot of people sneered at for it's gutter production values and initial seemingly horrific physics. This to me has been of the most important releases of the year. Fully spec out the monster truck and dig in, this game features the absolute best inertia/traction and driving theory I have seen in any game short of Trials HD. It is stark, it is simple, and I have spent more hours on this game than I care to admit. It is an accidental genius of a game, and deserves to be recognized as such. For TA to completely shun this game in every way tells me they played all of 40 seconds of it before killing the app in disgust. So did I, but when I gave it a serious chance I was blown away by just how insanely accurate the physics are as far as 'loading up' your suspension and using that to bounce up some freakishly impossible hills.
I would rank this game in the top ten releases for iOS (and android) of this year.

Anybody remember Eliss? Came out when the second generation iPod touch was hot. Now that was a cool game, never even made it to the newer Retina stuff though.

Lord of the Roads - Being a big fan of magic cube I felt like they really nailed it on the head with Lord of the Roads. Combing RPGs elements with a shootem up type game. I felt that it was not just unique but also alot of fun. When it was initially released it had some popularity but eventually it plummeted to the abyss of games that are hidden from the pubic eye. I guess the biggest downfall was it's lack of replayabilty. Although there is a good bit up lvling up diff characters it still is basically the same game over and over.

- this game can get really difficult and it was designed that way. Made by someone on a bus in-between tours, it doesn't come off feeling like game made by someone with no knowledge of game development. It's a unique concept for a puzzle game and one I'd def. recommend.

Love, Hate and the other ones - a fairly new realease, it didn't get the attention it deserved I feel. Esp being an award winning game. It's a puzzle game based on calling to or moving away different little blob characters. You control the 2 main characters Love and Hate. Love calls the "other ones" towards her with a kiss while hate does the opposite. For a game that I feel is pretty deep and polished I felt like it should have atleast been a gotw nominee but unfortunately it's lack of popularity kept it off the polls.

Spooky Hoofs(was surprised to find out not a lot have heard of this game)

Captain Antarctica (this came out before Super Mole Escape, and they are very similar, and both are pretty fun. This didnt get the attention it deserves either)

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Underplayed games & hidden gems

Names only:

Jazz - Trump's Journey
Junk Jack
Bug Heroes
Mad Chef

Blast off by halfbrick

Continuity 2
Contre Jour
The Creeps!
Clash Force
Gene Effect
Eve of Impact
Monkey Ninja

-Amazing Breaker
-Ninja Fishing
-Glow Fish
-Mask of Ninja
-Dark Nebula 2
-Radiant TD
-Fantasy Defense
-Mad Acorns
-Cut the buttons
- Junk Jack

Galaxy Empire
Lords and Knights
Jot Agent

The Secret of the Chateau de Moreau
The Quest (and Cursed Chess Set)
Gamebook Adventures

Flip Riders
Pudding Panic
Muffin Knight
Stinger Foosball League

Diablo dice
Quarrel Deluxe
Helsing's Fire
Mini motor racing

Joining hands
Toon shooters
Icarus x
Color bandits

Some runners i think are underplayed but deserve more attention:

Kinito Ninja
Monkey Ninja
Steel Runner
Crazy Control 2
Blood Run

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Underplayed games & hidden gems

Color Attack - It spells the word of a color and you have to click the right color. For example, it would say "Red" but the font is purple and below is a chart of colors and you have to tap the correct color

Bouncy! - While this game may not be that hidden it definetly should be played. It's an insanely fun 99c game with no Iap or any of that. You control a rabbit on a trampoline you hold down to jump then hold either side to do flips. Sounds pretty mediocre but its anything but. As you progress the challenges will keep you playing. It's nice to see a game like this, hopefully it's doing we'll.

Puk - is a crazy fast little game where you take on the task of dragging and slingshotting little discs into circles before the bar closes and time runs out. After each successful round you move on to the next with growing difficulty. This game probly won't wow you with stunning visuals or a long driven story, but as a fast paced little gem it will keep you entertained and having fun.

Blue Toad Murder Files - A fun story driven Puzzler where you take the role of a Detective trying to figure out the reason for All the strange happenings going around. At 6 Episodes there is a whole lot of game to be played. The Story is very good and the graphics make you feel right at home in the small village of Little Riddle.

Silversword - It's a marvelous little homage to the original Bard's tale games, with one of the most active and responsive devs of any game I've ever seen. It's constantly being updated, and has a rediculous amount of content. Also, you get to customize a party of SEVEN adventurers. I can't reccommend this game enough if you're looking for a truly old school experience.

Knights of the Phantom Castle - is an amazing "real time strategy" game where you control a small team of 3 units (each can have an accompanying minion) through a series of puzzle like action battles. There's a lot of unit management upgrades/equiptment. The controls are line drawing based with tap, swipe/flick (from character), or drag to initiate special attacks. I am sure Battleheart was inspired by Knights of the Phantom Castle but the controls are similar (although Battleheart is simplified). I revisited it recently and the graphics hold up very well on my 5G although not widescreen. It's one of my favorite iOS games but never got much attention.

Cavern is a very decent roguelike that is easily overlooked. It just got a total re-write incorporating ally NPCs, secret rooms, and other changes that make it stand out against other roguelikes. It's unassuming and easily overlooked but a lot of fun. The current build crashes sometimes but a fix is in the works.

Maybe I'm a bit biased but I think my game Book Stacker hasn't gotten the attention that it deserves. Great little app to kill a minute or two while you're waiting for something

I bought Dungeon Village this weekend ($3.99) and I ended up spending ten hours playing it Sunday.

Basically it is a village managing game, but you manage a village in a fantasy RPG world, so heroes go through your town and buy items from your shops, etc. Super addictive if you like village sims + retro rpg. There is a free trial version you can try as well.

Unknown Orbit- is a really fun and emersive 3D Tiny Wings like game with an awesome dynamic soundtrack. Didn't make nearly the impact that it should have in the media.

This is a bit biased. But check out Aiko Island!

It was our first game and has 5 Stars across the board.
Nissa Campbell of TA gave it a 4 Stars review with this quote:

“if I could play just one game in this genre, I’d seriously consider choosing this one.”

Unfortunately it completely bombed, but we are still really proud of it.
This is because everyone we show it to ends up becoming totally addicted and loving it.

We went totally overkill on the depth of mechanics, worlds, music, animation, level design...everything. It ended up taking 8 months of complete and has 126 levels.

Pocket Ninjas - more mature fruit ninja clone, and plays, looks, and sounds very well too.

Omegapixel - has some sort of Tilt to Live vibe, but with touch controls, and a teleporting twist to it. All in glorious retro, and totally free. IAPs certainly not needed.

Gene Effect - one of the best adventure/exploration games on the appstore, and i dont think it got the attention it deserves.

Space Disorder - When this first arrived the devs chose to use controls as swipes, wasnt a huge success, people asked for virtual buttons and an update finally arrived with much better controls. I do think devs should add alternative controls, too many times i read 'we've got our own new way of controlling the character' which often fails. If possible have a backup control scheme of traditional buttons etc... Graphics are very good, game plays very well, well worth checking out and top marks to the devs for listening here

Kid Vector - I love platform games and with vector graphics this makes this game great in my view, plays veryw ell.

Manos - The Hand of Fate - Got a very tough review here at Touch Arcade but i think its a great nod to the old NES classics.

Run Kitty Run - Great graphics, good controls, wellw orth checking

Commander Cool/ Commander Pixman
- Two great retro style platformers, a lot of levels for your money

PDA Games
- I've mentioned this a few times, its a superb basic platformer, simple old skool graphics but a lot of levels and a lot of fun. A great

Here are some over-looked/under-rated games that I've really enjoyed and are still on my device:

Fall of Angels - iOS exclusive JRPG
Knights of the Phantom Castle - small scale puzzle real time strategy with RPG elements
Partia: The Broken Lineage - strategy turn based combat RPG
Doomsday II: Legions of Hell - first person shooter with tons of free DLC (from the iOS developers of Shadow Warrior)
Cars and Guns 3D - racing/combat arcade game
Battles and Castles - 3D turn based strategy
Silversword - first person RPG
Football Management RPG - text based management RPG
Dungeon Heroes - slower paced campaign based action RPG��
Zombie Glider - indie endless "runner"��
Aurum Blade - KRPG hack 'n slash (currently free)
Guardian Saga - smaller scale retro JRPG (great Dragon Warrior homage)
180 - color matching puzzle shooter (better than it sounds)
Turbo Flick Demon GPU - flick based arcade game
Soccer Puzzle League - match-3 "combat" puzzle game (similar to Dungeon Raid).
Meow Meow Happy Fight - zany dual stick shooter

+1 to QuestLord; but as a top 200 game and Touch Arcade forum's Game of the Week when release I'm not sure it's been un-noticed.

Growtopia growtopia and growtopia. Screw every other game, I've given them all up for growtopia.
Going to have to start a growtopians anonymous group.

A Monster Ate My Homework -Totally forgot about this, but the new Toy Story game reminded me of it...

Galaxy Overlords is a really fun game, it's like Battlehearts but sci-fi and loot driven.

14px- This is the best Super Meat Boy-esque platformer I've played on IOS. 70 very challenging levels and tight controls make this one of my favorite platformers. Prepare to die a lot

- Another difficult platformer, more puzzle based. 100 large levels, bosses, a very cool art style, unique light/shadows mechanic, and great controls

Bezier - Physics puzzler, minimalist design, manipulate a line to allow a ball to collect pickups.

Bullet Train Hell - Retro puzzle platformer, challenging levels with great puzzle mechanics

Ninjas - the stolen scrolls is not getting any attention so far. I'd say its a good game with similar gameplay to castle crashers but slightly difficult to learn but satisfying to master controls. Only a dollar. If they added standard d-pad controls it could be even better though.

Worm Run - an incredibly addictive arcade style game where you try and outrun a giant worm using a jet pack. Best "jet pack" based game on the AppStore.
This deserved to be a very successful game, but, it never got much exposure.

Raptured! By Sunny Tam - best Sunny Tam game IMO. Sunny also made Danmaku 1 and 2.

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Underplayed games & hidden gems

Go Go Pixel - retro platformer, pixel art style, some cool mechanics

Draw Rider Plus - a very challenging physics bike game, tons of levels, a level editor with some really tough user levels, different vehicles, rider dismemberment

Kona's Crate - a physics puzzle platformer, have to get your crate to the finish area through each shorr twisting level rife with traps and obstacles, unique controls that are easy to learn but very tough to master

Backflip Madness - not much of a structured game, but fun to play with. A variety of locations, different backflips to try, a low gravity mode, funny ragdoll physics

Ending - a minimalist puzzle roguelike inspired by chess. Has a puzzle mode that introduces the mechanics and enemies, a randomized rogue-esque adventure, and a level editor

- a super challenging one-touch platformer. Timing is everything

Wipeout - yes, based on the obstacle course tv show. Surprisingly the game is a lot of fun, the touch controls are great, and the wipeouts are just as funny here.

Turret Tilt - An fun challenging arcade shooter with a large number of upgradeable weapons and mix of tilt and touch controls. You can easily play this game with one hand. And while there is IAP, it's absolutely unnecessary

Inc - A great platformer/shooter style game

Little Acorns - A brilliant platformer

Polyroll - Like a NES version of Sonic

Clash Force - A great retro style game, side scrolling. From the maker of Polyrol

Originally Posted by Connector View Post
Firebusters , see my review here:

Firebusters Review by Connector
Wanted to recommend Sling It. Actually it's the sequel to Pollushot, with leaderboards, stackable powerups, upgrades, and more enemy variety

Space Bits - A SHMUP-RPG hybrid

This part from the TA review sold me:

You can choose to min-max your ship, going for a pure glass-cannon build, a cautious turtle build, a risk-reward dodge setup, or anything in-between. For the most part, the statistical enhancements are noticeable, and it was fun to choose how I wanted my ship to evolve.

And the dev is working on an update that adds new weapons, enemies, upgrades, more levels, etc.

Just went back to play Kale in Dinoland

A great homepage to old GameBoy games. Manage to finally get off the first main level as well (it is frustrating as there's no continues)

Hard but a nice little game

Originally Posted by DannyTheElite View Post
I found a new game by the last rocket developer. Not sure if it is any good but I created a thread if anyone wants to try.
Originally Posted by Qwertz555 View Post
Saw this game on the 'new games' tap:


A great shmup under the hood, but done so bad in the overall presentation. All iaps are consumables, even the new ships you can unlock. Terrible decision. The screen, at least on iphone5, is just 3/4 big, followed by bad in-game music and a very cheap looking icon. I just opened it because of the name.

At some point it reminded me of Phoenix HD.
race.a.bit is my hidden gem as of recently. I'm suprised it never got more attention.

Ninjin -This little gem received no attention whatsoever at it's release.

Short description: great pixel graphics, great gameplay, intuitive controls, no IAPs (except one for unlocking the full game), lots of items to get, 3 game modes, has humor in it, lots of replay-ability.

Shuttle Scuttle - 8 bit, NES like space shooter, 32 levels, 8 bosses, power ups, Game Center achivements, leaderboard

Radiant - vector like retro shooter with even more stages,bosses,,power ups than Shuttle Scuttle

Dropzap and Dropzap 2 are 2 games I had forgotten about - good fun

Cubemen and Cubemen 2 .

One of the funnest games I've ever played.

It has online multiplayer with pc and ios. Extremely fun.

The developer is extremely hard working and listening too.

I really hoped this will appear on the top charts but it didnt (due to 1 star reviews because a lot of people crash) If you dont want to risk it try buying the steam version if you can (they're exactly the same according to dev) http://store.steampowered.com/app/207250/

it needs more support.

Originally Posted by Bronxsta View Post
Sorry if this game has been mentionned before but what the hell it deserves all the attention it can get: Rico
It's a retro platformer and don't be fooled by the simple graphics; it gets really challenging later on and you can even adjust the difficulty.

Space qube is quite good, with little fanfare.

I Am Box - free
iTunes | TA thread
Action game that provides healthy dose of frustration and amusement for you, and your children. Can you reach its end?

Saw this on Reddit. It's really fun and quite challenging, definitely worth a download

Bionic surfer.
Its a great platformer with controls being a wee bit akward.

Duet Game is really good.

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Underplayed games & hidden gems

More room
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Underplayed games & hidden gems

More room

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