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App description: Can you build a civilization?
TL;DR: Craft inventions & Discover recipes


Most updated iOS game of 2016. (61 times)
Mash of 6 genres: RPG, Puzzle, Incremental, Adventure, Unfolding, Crafting
Most of our players play 20+ hours, are you one of them?
You've never played anything like Dawn of Crafting! -Notch


You are a lost young Homo Sapien whose village was destroyed by the Homo Erectus. Master Crafter Alf, takes you as his apprentice and teaches you the fine art of crafting. You learn everything you can, increase your skills, discover new recipes and craft a lot of items. You build a village one stick at a time and further progress humankind. But some forces will stand in the way of your progress...


We both hate that stuff.

If youre not satisfied, were not satisfied.

Play in your subway and toilet!

Prestige and keep going!

Play at your own pace or craft like a madman!

Average people may run out of brain RAM.


Download now and start crafting! See how civilization progresses with new updates!

If you like Minecraft Download
If you like Terraria Download
If you like Doodle God Download
If you like A Dark Room Download
If you dont like thinking in games Don't Download


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Esqarrouth's comments:

Hello guys, I'm the developer of Dawn of Crafting. I've been working on it for 1.5 years with my brother @demirb. We just released version 1.0.0!

Dawn of Crafting has been developed and evolved with the player requests and input.

Check it out if you're looking for a unique game with 20+ hours play time. Let us know if you have any feedback!

Also I'm not sure if this is legit but, check out our community is for discussions: http://www.reddit.com/r/DawnOfCrafting

Here is a previous thread while the game was in beta with its old name: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?t=294531
05-18-2017, 02:27 AM
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The screen shots aren't updated, check the game inside the store to see how it looks like.

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05-19-2017, 10:04 PM
Games come a long way

Wow those screen shots are old. The game has come a long way since then. It's a fun game. You won't regret picking this game up. Fully offline, non iap non ad non bloat ware. Being offline was the biggest selling point for me, being incredibly fun and addicting was just an added benefit. Logged over 70 hours so far(it keeps track of total play time now). There are plenty of people with over 200 hours on the leader-board.

If you still aren't sure, drop by the Reddit page, got plenty of nice people who'll answer your questions

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05-24-2017, 06:26 PM
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I wonder why it's showing the old screenshots, the App Store shows the new ones, the graphics have been improved a lot since the ones shown above.

If you like incremental or crafting games I really recommend this one, it's more complex than an incremental game but it's at least in a related genre - you start with nothing and build your way up through various levels of primitive technology until you have a successful village etc.

It has a new game+ / prestige system which is always nice to have in this type of game.

It has a really nice feature which I particularly like - if there's ever a new item you can't work out how to craft, you will discover parts of the recipe when crafting other things, meaning you're never completely in the dark about what to do next. In some other similar games (Doodle God was one example IIRC) I ended up just randomly combining things to try and get the next recipe, which I found extremely irritating. How the crafting works in Dawn of Crafting is much better.