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App description: BEST MOBILE GAME OF THE YEAR! ( 2011 Meffy Awards)

This app offers in-app purchases. You may disable in-app purchasing using your device settings. See http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4213 for more info

Featuring hardcore gameplay and a rich audio experience, immerse yourself in events that unleash the Necromorph horde again and set the stage for the horrifying action of Dead Space 2. Hailed by fans and critics, this stunning vision of the Dead Space franchise is truly a landmark must-play.

With two engrossing channels of gameplay, Survival Mode offers as much strategic dismemberment as you can stomach. Hack and shoot your way through 4 maps in both ENDLESS and 5 MINUTES TO KILL modes. Bring in weapons, suits, and ammo from Story Mode, rack up big combos, and earn more credits!

Featuring a fully voice-acted stereo soundtrack, plus a movie-quality score and sound effects, we recommend experiencing the game with headphones for full immersion. Cutting-edge visuals, rich in effects and atmospheric lighting, reproduce the cinematic horror of the console experience.

The on-screen HUD is seamlessly integrated into the game. Navigate 6 varied environments and battle Necromorphs with simple swipe and tap controls.

Access the all-new Plasma Saw and Core Extractor, plus 3 more weapons from the Dead Space universe and get on with the business of strategic dismemberment. Also utilize Kinesis and Stasis Modules well-known to players of the console game.

Enhance weapons and more with additional Power Nodes. Increase offensive and defensive capabilities with Weapon Output and Armor Integrity Modules. Or get the Credit Booster to scavenge more credits from dismembered Necromorphs.


a wholly original and terrifying experience splattered in deep gameplay, outstanding graphics, and chilling audio. (App Store iPhone Game of the Week)

5 STARS ...a game-changer as far as 3D action games go on iOS platforms. (Ryan Rigney, GamePro Editors Choice)

4/4 MUST HAVE all the limb-slicing action, Retina Display crispness, nail-biting audio and run-for-yours-life thrills you could want (Chris Reed, Slide To Play)

** NOTE ON SURVIVAL MODE DEVICE COMPATIBILITY DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? Survival Mode is ONLY compatible with 3Gs devices or above. This mode will not appear in the game when played on 1st or 2nd generation devices. **

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ImNoSuperMan's comments:

Retina ScreenShots
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International link: http://itunes.apple.com/sg/app/dead-space/id396020767?mt=8

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01-24-2011, 06:00 AM
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F.A.Q., impressions

iPhone or iPad? Which version should I get?
Originally Posted by Hodapp View Post
If you have an iPad, I highly recommend picking this game up for the iPad instead of the iPhone. It's still cool on the iPhone, but overall seems to be a much better experience on the iPad. Also, I wouldn't get your panties in a twist over the IAP. It seems to just be your typical pay to cheat IAP where you can get nodes which you then use to upgrade your equipment. Power nodes can also be found in game, but they're hidden in lockers usually off the path that your little navigator thing guides you.
Gyro controls?
Originally Posted by Der-Kleine View Post
I never found gyro controlls more accurate, and no, they aren't available. There are also no virtual analog sticks.

controlls are great though.
Is there any other upgradable suits??
Originally Posted by Der-Kleine View Post
there are 4 different suts that you can also individually upgrade abit.
Do you play as Isac in the game?
Originally Posted by Der-Kleine View Post
No, you only play as vandal.
Originally Posted by Der-Kleine View Post
no it isn't on rails, the controlls are just abit different from what you usually see. I personally like them.
Does it work on first gen iPhone, ipod?
Originally Posted by don_k View Post
The game will work on all devices
How long is the game?
Originally Posted by don_k View Post
the game is around 5-6 hours long for experienced gamers.
Upgrade system, IAP??
Originally Posted by Hodapp View Post
Repeat after me... IAP is not required to play through or enjoy the game.

A difficult concept to grasp, I know.
Originally Posted by Hodapp View Post
Here's how the upgrade system works in Dead Space games if you never played the original:

In the game you pick up power nodes, these are usually hidden in cabinets and generally off the path you'll go on in the game which rewards the little bit of exploration you're capable of doing. Scattered throughout the game are workbenches, where you can upgrade your items using these power nodes. You select an item, and you get what you see in that screenshot with various circles and pathways for increase damage, speed, and capacity. You then place these power nodes on that map, increasing whatever is next on the path... Kind of like the Sphere Grid in Final Fantasy X.

It's pretty cool, and provides a good amount of flexibility to tweak the game based on what weapons you prefer and what your play style is.
More in-game screenshots: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showth...67#post1555167

More videos :


Originally Posted by tadad1 View Post
Originally Posted by JoeyLP View Post
For those who have been able to purchase the game, even though your probably only a few minutes into the game, is it scary at all?
Yeah, it has a pretty good creepy vibe with some great sound effects and surprise attacks.

Controls are pretty good but I would have liked an option to up the sensitivity so they were a little faster but just might need a little getting used to.

Occasionally the camera gets a bit close at times and can block your view which can be a problem if it happens during an attack.

Enjoying it so far though.
Originally Posted by orinationx2 View Post
Alright, I just put my iPod 4G down after an hour of playing...due to a particularly trippy and terrifying scene that I won't spoil here.

Let me boil it down to this; I've always hated horror games. The narratives tend to be weak, the action is a mess, and all you get out of it is jumpscare after jumpscare. At least, that's what I had previously thought.

To any sceptics of this game; rest assured, this game is a landmark for the iDevice. Even more so than Infinity Blade, if you ask me.

What Infinity Blade was, was a game that had flashy graphics, and lacking...everything else. Now, Dead Space is a game that oozes style, a freakishly surreal atmosphere, and gameplay so fun, engaging and frantic that I feel like despite the torture I give myself with enduring the horrifying cutscenes, I can't stop playing. This is a very, very good thing.

You play as an Engineer codenamed "Vandal", a character with a considerable amount of personality for a game with no cutscenes. He's been betrayed by a cult that fans of the original game and Dead Space 2 may very well be acquainted with, and shit hits the fan. When this happens, he's forced to A) Clear his name for being assosciated with the incident that sparked off everything, and B) Save as many people as possible.

This is easier said than done.

You're given a brief but comprehensive introduction to each of the beginning tools that you get at the beginning of the game, and from what I've seen, for each of the following ones, too. The tools you're given, such as the Plasma Cutter that slices enemies up in a small radius, and the Stasis blast, that slows/freezes enemies (N.O.V.A stole this concept from DS1) are fun to use and extremely useful for fighting the persistent and memorable Necromorphs.

The Necromorphs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from a mammoth Slasher that rushes at you with twin-bladed hands, and a tiny fetus-like Necromorph that tries to...well...rape you. The tools mentioned earlier each have their uses against these, eg; you can slice the blades off the Slasher to reduce his threat level, or even slice off his legs to slow him down considerably. In Combat, the possibilities of Dead Space are endless.

Though the game never gives you too much of a sense of power, as even if you are able to master the combat system of the game, you may never get over the trippy, disorienting and downright terrifying hallucinations that occur every now and then. These will make sure that even the most hardened, action-oriented player can never rest easy.

Overall, the game does a pretty damn good job of creating a helpless, bleak and despairing atmosphere, memorable characters, and frantic combat. This is the one iDevice game I will look back on, maybe even more so than Infinity Blade and Rage, and say "This is the game that brought console quality to the iDevices."

Because there's much more to console quality than just the graphics, and Dead Space by EA delivers on all fronts.

A must-have for ANY iDevice owner.
Originally Posted by orinationx2 View Post
Not a single problem from me so far. Controls work wonderfully, and the minimalistic UI means that you'll always know what's going on on-screen. The problem with many games and the "thumb inteference" problem is that there's already too much clutter on-screen. Thankfully, Dead Space has virtually NO buttons except for the pause button. In other words, every action has an intuitively mapped control using gestures. It all works very well.

Though...I guess if there's one thing I had troubles with, and just to let you know in advance, I think the only way to put your weapon down is to break into a run. This hasn't been a problem for me, since you can start and stop a run in less than a second, but if there's a way around this it would make the game perfect for me.

So yeah, no problems on an iPod. I also didn't emphasize who f*cking awesome the graphics are in the game, but I think that right now that's a given.
Originally Posted by itman View Post
Overall I think this is excellent. It doesn't quite capture the atmosphere and intensity of the console version however it would be hard to get completely immersed on such a small screen. The best shooter on the appstore right now I think and it does have a few moments like those that made the original so scary and amazing. It's definitely worth the money and a great game.

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01-24-2011, 06:04 AM
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Must. Have.

01-24-2011, 06:05 AM
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So what does that mean in GBP? it isn't universal? is the Ipad the same price?
01-24-2011, 06:09 AM
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file size?

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How big is the file size?

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01-24-2011, 06:13 AM
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Originally Posted by don_k View Post
How big is the file size?
01-24-2011, 06:13 AM
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Woot! Filesize is 291mb

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01-24-2011, 06:18 AM
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I was hoping this was $6.99. I didn't have enough in the account for the tax on $9.99. lol Now I will be able to get it tonight. I have been more excited about this game, than I was about Infinity Blade.
01-24-2011, 06:18 AM
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Yeah thats pretty decent for game that looks awesome graphically - why cant gameloft make smaller sized games