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App description: * Fully supports MFi game controllers! *

Driveby Gangster is a 1930's era game where you assume the role of a vigilante out-of-work private eye. Your goal is to eliminate the enemy gangsters that have invaded your quaint west-coast city while avoiding innocent bystanders.

Grabbing your trusted thompson (tommy) submachine gun, you take to the streets to dispense justice one driveby at a time. Various obstacles get in your way from innocent bystanders that you must avoid, increasingly hostile gangsters that shoot back, to changing turbulent weather conditions. As you play and progress in the game, your own grasp on reality begins to loosen, and the game's presentation style takes a dark turn.

Like in life, the decisions you make in this game have consequences.
05-19-2015, 07:26 PM
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Originally Posted by PeteOzzy View Post
Video I saw had zero game-play in it, so who knows?

05-20-2015, 10:57 AM
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Here is video of PC\Mac edition https://youtu.be/FPkwSiQTU44
05-20-2015, 11:32 AM
not compatible with, my Ipad 4, IOS 8.... HUH????
05-20-2015, 01:56 PM
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The tilt is used to speed up or slow down your vehicle, but I noticed going too far left (trying to slow down more) actually sped me up. I'm not a fan of the tilt to control speed. Maybe add a slider to allow manual adjustment (like a throttle slider). The placement of bystanders and enemies makes it nigh impossible to not hit bystanders. As you progress, that adds up and "something bad" may happen to you.

There is some fun to be had here, but it's bare bones and I can't say the hit box is all that accurate. Plus even at the slowest drive-by, it feels too fast. Unfortunately you can only play the first 2 levels and then are prompted to unlock the full game (I did not see what that costs). Maybe with some tweaking, a justification to pay to unlock the game could be made, but just the 2 levels I played left me not wanting more.

EDIT: per the prev post, iOS 8 IS required. It says so at the beginning of the app description. Not sure about iPad 4, but if it lists the devices before yours, I would assume it supports yours as well. For free, u may as well DL and give it a shot.

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05-20-2015, 02:26 PM
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I tried as well...would not download. iPad 4 NOT supported!!! Confused on this one...

Broken Arrow, Ok
05-20-2015, 03:58 PM
looked like a good, game ,but wont download
06-15-2015, 02:48 AM
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Just found this thread. I'm the author of this game :-)

I just want to thank everybody that actually gave it a chance. We all know nowadays that the iOS game market is absolutely beyond beyond overcrowded. This game's downloads have slown to an utter crawl since its release. I don't regret making it however as the learning experience was a lot of fun and I honestly didn't expect it to take off or be a huge success.

A bit of background: The game was originally designed to be played with a physical controller for the desktop and then later was ported to iOS with support for physical controllers & touch controls as well. Because of the desktop graphics engine that drives the game, I had to require OpenGL ES 3.0 support which is the reason why it'll only run on iPhone 5s and iPad air and higher as the older iOS devices cannot support this version of OpenGL. I hope that explains some things.

The entire game development process was logged here on my dev blog http://vertostudio.com/gamedev

This game was in part a promotion of Verto Studio 3D, a 3D modeling app that I created for iOS that was used to actually develop all of the shaders and import and place all of the graphics used in the game. I'm not a great 3D modeling artist, however, some of the simpler 3D models for the game were actually modeled entirely on the iPad as well. If you're interested in this app, please check it out via the link in my signature. If Apple will ever finally approve it, the version 2.1 update should come out this week which will allow anyone with the app to publish their 3D models directly to the web/cloud and view & share their models in the web browser without having to have the app installed.

PS - this game badly needs ratings. If you have it please consider giving it a rating. Thanks!

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